First Impressions

We made it to Galveston yesterday. First impressions — a bit scarred. Driving into Galveston we passed through a few “hoods.” We told ourself, it’s fine… we’re still 3 miles away from our house. 2 miles. 1 mile (still optimistic). 1/2 mile (now I’m freaking out a little). These homes are nearly falling apart! Then we arrive our a street, which looks to be a nice oasis. And home home. Wow — it’s perfect! Across the street, a mansion? What?

It’s so hit or miss. One one side of the street you can find a huge, beautiful home. And across the street you can find a shack, with toys spread across the front lawn and pitt bull barking at you as you pass. This is strange.

We text our host on VRBO…

Just curious… are there any places that we should try to avoid walking around with the kids?

She responded…

Lol. The area is a bit eclectic, but perfectly safe.

I have to say. It’s been a day since we’ve been here, and I am already way more comfortable. I’ve been on runs with the kids every morning, and I do feel perfectly safe. So hopefully Galveston will prove to be a beautiful, and fun place, if not a bit “eclectic.”

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