Ok. We’re Going!

After much back and fourth, we decided to continue the journey on to Galveston, TX. And with this, comes a commitment in our mind to make it to Scottsdale, AZ.

Morning Run outside of our Orange Pensecola Home

It wasn’t an easy decision to come to. On one hand, it would be nice to get back into a normal life routine. On the other hand, we still excited for the adventure. I think finding another great home (and killer deal) in Galveston, helped to make the decision.

Part of what makes are trip a bit more affordable, is finding last minute deals on Vacation Rentals. Typically, we are about a week away from our arrival date when I reach out to homeowners. I try to stay away from rental companies, as they typically don’t have the approval to give out last minute deals. But if you’re able to get the actual homeowner themselves, they are typically motivated to get somebody to fill in their vacancy gaps.

My emails look like something like this…

Hi Lori. We’re on a x-country adventure with our three kids and will be coming through Galveston next week. I noticed your home was still available next week between 1/29–2/5. We are hoping for some good last minute deals to help stretch out this trip as long as possible :) Wondering if you guys would be able to offer a discount?
PS — Here’s our story: https://medium.com/gypsie-kids

And in this case, we found a very nice home in Galveston, that had last minute availability and was willing to offer a huge discount. We’re exciteda bout the stay in Galveston. Weather is suppose to be much nicer than hear in Pensecola, and we’ll be back at a place where we can take long walks in the evenings. (Where we’re at in Pensecola is just not setup for walking).

So tomorrow we leave to Galveston. For sure this time. No turning back.