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GYSR Spotlight #2: CryptoTask

Today we are excited to share the second instalment of our GYSR spotlight series which features CryptoTask.

CryptoTask is a peer-to-peer freelancing platform with over 30,000 active users including designers, marketing professionals, developers and more. They are solving some of the challenges surrounding traditional job markets by using blockchain solutions that make payment settlement faster, offer escrow services, and enable an automated dispute process, among other things.

For more information you can take a look at their whitepaper here and news coverage of their platform in Forbes and VentureBeat.

CryptoTask will use a Geyser for CTASK liquidity mining to create a user-friendly farming experience. The staking token will be the Uniswap V2 LP of WETH/CTASK and the reward token is CTASK itself. In total there will be 100,000 CTASK in rewards offered over a 30-day farming period, and a 3x multiplier will be available to people who stake for the full 30 days. To participate, please see their Geyser here. After this short round of farming, details for additional farming will be announced via the CryptoTask Twitter account.

“GYSR is one of the most innovative farming platforms in the DeFi space. We have been early supporters of GYSR since the day they launched and appreciate how their platform makes yield farming and token distribution easy and fair. I look forward to continuing to work with the team over the coming months.”

-Ivan, CEO, CryptoTask

Disclaimer: GYSR is not associated with any of the projects we profile in our spotlight series and these posts should not be seen as endorsements. We encourage readers to do their own research.



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