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3 min readOct 4, 2020


We are thrilled to introduce GYSR, a new DeFi project built on the Ethereum blockchain. GYSR is a generalized, configurable, and 100% decentralized platform for yield farming.


  • Reward investors for long term holding and meaningful participation
  • Deploy your own configurable yield farm with no code
  • $GYSR is a universal utility token to multiply rewards from any Geyser
  • Holding $GYSR is equivalent to holding a DeFi index fund
  • $GYSR usage gives creators a continuous source of funding


We believe that yield farms can help to align incentives between project creators and investors. They provide a vehicle for users to invest in the long term value of those projects by rewarding financial commitments and participation.

We want to make yield farming easy, safe, and fair. Across projects, most incentive programs and token distribution strategies are fundamentally similar. However, teams are currently left to build, test, and deploy the associated contracts themselves (compare this with the ease of creating a new token pair on a decentralized exchange). This core technology should be reusable and accessible to everyone.

Further, we want to provide an open platform to mutually benefit creators and investors. It should connect project owners and token creators with investors who believe in their work, technology, and long term vision.


A Geyser is a generalized yield farm which can be customized for a huge variety of use cases. It allows the creator to lock up and offer rewards in exchange for depositing (staking) a specified token. Usually, this token will be proof of some meaningful contribution to a project’s ecosystem (e.g. a specific Uniswap pool token). After creation/funding, any user can stake and start earning rewards immediately.

The Geyser Factory lets anyone easily configure and create their own Geyser without writing a single line of code. This new contract is 100% owned, configured, and managed by the Geyser creator.

$GYSR is a new ERC20 token that can be spent in any Geyser to multiply a user’s effective stake and boost rewards. This helps users maximize the return on their time, work, and financial investment. Further, as a universal utility token, $GYSR inherently represents a diversified store of value.


GYSR is flexible. It is an off-the-shelf and customizable solution for the majority of yield farm use cases. Use it to launch your incentive program, as part of your token distribution strategy, to enforce vesting schedules, and much more. (We’re doing all three!)

GYSR is accessible. Anyone can now create a yield farm as easily as filling out a web form. This is a free, open, and secure platform for yield farming as-a-service. The only cost you pay is nominal gas fees to the Ethereum network.

GYSR is a yield multiplier. Use $GYSR in any Geyser to multiply your earned shared of rewards and maximize the value of your time, work, and investment. This is a power user’s dream.

GYSR is an index fund. $GYSR is a universal utility and multiplier of other assets. Therefore, it is inherently a diversified store of value. Invest in $GYSR as an effective DeFi index fund across all Geyser-distributed tokens.

GYSR is a funding stream. When $GYSR is spent, those tokens go directly to the Geyser contract. These funds can be withdrawn at any time by the creator and used as a continuous and stable source of funding.

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