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The Voyage to V2: Fountains

One of the novel parts of GYSR is the gamification of staking and yield farming in a Geyser. A project sets out a fixed number of rewards, and stakers have different ways to compete for and win a larger proportion of those rewards using different multiplier tactics. This could mean a multiplier from staking the relevant tokens for a long time period, it could mean using $GYSR to multiply awards when unstaking, or it could mean a combination of these two approaches.

From what we’ve heard, some people absolutely love the competitive aspect of farming. Others want something more hands off that they can set and forget. In response to that feedback, we’re excited to share more about a new product we’ll be releasing called “Fountains.” In short, Fountains are a “friendly” version of Geysers where users can stake and be rewarded with a fixed set of rewards without having to worry about competition.

A team can launch a Fountain with a staking token and a reward token, just as with a Geyser. But users are no longer permitted to spend $GYSR as a way to multiply their rewards when they unstake. This limits one user from taking a greater share of rewards from the common pool and diffuses the competitive nature of the farming process. In place of that mechanic, Fountains use $GYSR in another way. Anyone who is interested in participating in a Fountain is able to stake and accrue rewards for doing so, but everyone is also given the option of “spending” $GYSR during staking to increase the multiplier they are getting.

The new approach to liquidity mining on offer through Fountains will attract a different set of projects and users to our platform, and we are excited to see what different teams end up using them for. If Fountains sound compelling to you and you’re interested in learning more about what deploying one would look like please reach out to us on Discord. We’d be happy to connect!

-the GYSR Team




GYSR is an open platform for on-chain incentives [Telegram:] [Discord:]

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