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Everything you always wanted to know about apps (but were afraid to ask)

Alessio Mazzucco from H-FARM Consultancy

Just imagine the Black Death as a market full of consumers, apps, advertising, preferences, trends, etc.

Then imagine you need to hit the core of the Black Death, meaning reaching the audience you want: you have a narrow corridor representing your potential customer's attention, the perceived usefulness of your app, the right narrative to make people download (and use) it. Good luck.

First myth: I need an app!

Answer the following questions:
1. Which role my app plays in my business?
2. Which is the role my app plays for my customers?
3. How does my app fit in my corporate ecosystem?
Understand the big picture first, think about an app later!

Second myth: Every functionality offered by our competitors shall be mine

Imagine you are crafting a Swiss cutter but you forget the blade. Or maybe you insert the blade… under a thousand of functionalities! Do you know the concept of the paradox of choice? It says that the more choices you have, the less happy you are. So don’t add everything, just what is needed.

Third myth: If I create an app, my customers will use it

Many companies use tricks, a good marketing approach, or just strong communication to make customers download their apps. They forget that downloading an app is not the purpose: use is the purpose. Firstly, study your potential users, their social environment, culture, habits, the average technology they use, etc.

Fourth myth: My app should offer everything that is already on my website

Take Starbucks or Airbnb, their apps offer something completely different from their websites. Look at the best practices in the market: probably, they are successful thanks to their choices.

Fifth myth: I know what my customers want, therefore I won’t try something new

A new app competes with other 3 million apps. It’s like a new song: how do you spread it around despite the competition? Disruption and freshness are key elements. And if you are not convinced, have a look at how you can disrupt an app in a sector such as the weather forecast:

Authentic Weather: probably the most honest weather app

Sixth myth: let’s make my app hybrid so it does work on everything

A hybrid app is a web app embedded in a frame with native mobile functionalities. Are they the future? It depends: from a technological point of view there is no big difference, but they are simpler. Look at your customers’ needs and offer the best and easiest solutions.

Key takeaways

1apps are not compulsory, sometimes they are just useless additions to services.



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