The school of the future - pt 2

by Carlo Carraro from H-FARM Education

A new school is not only a wonderful project created by forward-thinking professors and entrepreneurs. It is a need expressed by students, who no longer want to sit in rooms with 500 other students listening to a professor for 2 hours.
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The school of the future is:

very much based on technology

Like our school, many institutions use flipped learning, in which the students learn the basics online and then collaborate on group projects under the guidance of professors.

linked to the world of work

The students work for and with companies and some of their projects are even sold to other firms.

often very costly

The high cost is due to the low student-professor ratio that allows these schools to have small classes and, thus, to make learning more captivating. High costs entail that these schools are considered elite. The solution to this is to find financing systems or scholarships, and we are working in this direction with the HforHuman Foundation.

helping students develop their soft skills

It’s necessary that the schools form individuals and citizens who are able to react by using the mind, will and emotions, people in whom competence and creativity, technique and humanism, sensitivity and vision are integrated.

Teaching has always been an important and difficult job. Teaching in the best way possible, and with the best tools available, is a fundamental aspect in the growth of our society and our economy.

Today, technology is changing how and what we teach. Knowing how to embrace this important change and how to utilize it in the best possible way is a mission for which many people are responsible: from the person who develops these new instruments, to the teachers, to the students.

Students and professors of the H-International School of Treviso working together.

Through our Education division and the creation of H-CAMPUS, we aim to become an experimental laboratory for these changes, the place in which a transformation process of the entire school system takes flight, one of the sparks that will reignite the growth of the Country.

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