H-FARM Librarian’s Book Picks

written by Federico Trimeri, the H-FARM Librarian

H-FARM International School
3 min readApr 27, 2022


The mission of the library is to keep the love of reading alive, to propose topics that lead to a discussion, and to allow individuals to grow and expand their knowledge. The library is a democratic space that can be practical (anyone can find something they need, like a book that holds an answer) or magical (to explore). The H-FARM library proposes to make these two souls cohabit, in a structure that is architecturally and ideally open.

Reading is an essential component in the education and lifelong learning of the individual. Books guide each person from school to adult life, taking on different meanings: essential material in research, source of deepening, the component of leisure, and a way to travel to worlds far far away.

At the H-FARM library, we have a collection of over 2000 books available, a collection that is constantly expanding, with topics from different perspectives and touching various themes. The librarian staff, therefore, tries to offer the reader a broader overview of the topic, in order to stimulate curiosity and broaden the conversation on any given subject. For the month of May, we are celebrating books related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and recommend the following books to our community.

  • Manifesto cyborg : donne, tecnologie e biopolitiche del corpo / Donna J. Haraway
    Fundamental text of the American philosopher, an analysis on the artificial naturalness of man and the expansion of the boundaries of gender with the advent of the new man-machine (18+ ages)
  • Invisibili : come il nostro mondo ignora le donne in ogni campo : dati alla mano / Caroline Criado Perez
    Ever wonder why there’s always a line in the women’s bathrooms?
    This book is perfect for those interested in world of design, feminism, and how much gap still exists between genders. (MYP4+ ages)
  • Women in science : 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world / written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky
    A world of women from geology to space. (8+ ages)
  • Brandsplaining : why marketing is (still) sexist and how to fix it / Jane Cunningham, Philippa Roberts.
    A lucid analysis of modern, contemporary marketing and the implicit sexism we choose to ignore on a daily basis
  • Racial Justice / Harvard Business Review
    A collection of advices from HBR on how your business can combat discrimination and move through a less racist future (16+ ages)
  • DiverGender / AAVV
    Is it possible to speak about LGBTQ rights with a fiction book? And with a fantasy fiction book? Here’s the first Italian fiction-fantasy-LGBTQ short stories collection, help yourself! (16+ ages)

All these books and more are available in the library, following this link. Better yet, we cordially invite you to browse the shelves yourself and discover a whole new world. The library is open 9 AM until midnight on weekdays, and 10 AM until 10 PM on weekends.

Federico Trimeri is the H-FARM Librarian. He has a Master degree in Library Science and management and over 7 years of experience working in archives, public, academic, mobile and children’s libraries. He is a bookworm, in love with books, music that nobody listens to and the mountains.