Best of Holo and Holochain Videos!

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Watch an hour or so, and then you too can describe the core functionality of Holochain, the purpose and possibility of Holo, and how our Initial Community Offering works.

Deep thank you to Fredric in our telegram and mattermost channel for his “ordering and synthesis” of our best content. You can see more of this fantastic community member’s work on his site.

Holochain Basics

Holochain is not about Consensus

How does Holochain work?

A Concise and Full Digest of How Holochain Works

From Nicolas Luck

And Now for Introducing Holo

Holo and Holochain: Building the Next Internet

How the Holo Ecosystem Works

How Holo Uses Wasted Capacity

Holo fuel

Asset-backed Value-Backed Currency

Holo Fuel Security: Double Spend Attack is Not Possible

Holo’s Initial Community Offering

To learn more about HOT and Holo fuel, go deeper with this post: Holo’s ERC20 token (HOT) and Mutual Credit Cryptocurrency (Holo fuel)

Ready to go even deeper and wider?



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