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Get Oriented: 7 Posts on Holochain and Holo

Between Holo and Holochain, and behind that Ceptr and Metacurrency, whitepapers and repositories, we have a lot to express. To make it easy to have a sense of the whole, here are the best seven posts to orient you about what we are up to with Holochain and Holo (in only 70 minutes of reading).

1. Beyond the Blocks

By Co-Founder Arthur Brock (27 min read)

  • Clarifies the core elements of cryptocurrency
  • Outlines a different approach to designing such currencies
  • Distinguishes efficiencies of distributing process as a foundation for decentralized data and decision-making
  • Illustrates an implementation of a currency using these principles to bring a centuries old practice into the digital era
  • Shows how these design principles can be deployed on a large scale.

2. Reinventing Applications

By Core Holochain Developer Nicolas Luck (18 min read)

  • Introduces how Holochain enables a paradigm-shift for the architecture of distributed applications
  • Addresses needs if you haven’t grokked yet what we mean by agent-centric computing and you’re wary about our scalability claims and keep comparing Holochain to blockchain
  • Describes how Holochain apps should be microservices, small units, modules with a clear purpose, inputs and outputs. Similar to text-based Unix/Linux command line apps that are combined in shell scripts or steered from a GUI to cater for a certain use-case.

3. Grok Current-sees

By Co-Founder Arthur Brock (5 min read)

  • Provides insights into currency design
  • Describes how national currency works (You might be shocked)
  • Compares how scaling of blockchain starts to mirror the scaling of banks that blockchain sought to disrupt

4. Reaching a mainstream audience: The Case for Holo as a Bridge

By Holo Staff (4 min read)

  • Asks us to up our game: “A little over a decade down the road, cryptocurrencies shouldn’t be facing the same “Too Big to Fail” issues that the traditional finance industry has, if they have truly addressed those problems.”
  • Pitches Holo as a bridge between the distributed internet of tomorrow and the web browsers of today
  • Reveals how affordable Holo is: “Unlike an Ethereum mining rig which can run you $5000, HoloPort is available at $99, $449, $949.”

5. The Currencies of Holo: HOT ERC20 and Mutual Credit Crypto-Accounting

Written by Arthur Brock & David Atkinson (5 min read)

  • Elucidates how HoloTokens (HOT) act as temporary, transferable receipts which can be redeemed for Holo fuel when Holo is launched
  • Offers 5 key pricing considerations that drive the value of Holo fuel that matter upon the ICO launch, prior to the launch of the Holo network, and after it
  • Frames the business: “…Holo may bring hosting prices for decentralized apps from where it sits today on Ethereum at 400 million times the cost of cloud hosting, down to the price range of cloud services or even below that price.”
  • Links to the pricing for Holo Tokens: “Read (benchmarking and pricing) here for details of how we established the value of a unit of Holo fuel and pricing for hosting dApps (at 1/10,000 the cost on Ethereum).”

6. Compare and Contrast Holochain and Hashgraph

Written by Arthur Brock (4 min read)

  • Gives props to Hashgraph as one of the closest innovations to Holochain while starting from a blockchain mindset
  • Describes the critical difference between leaning toward agent-centric design and being agent-centric design
  • Addresses the issues with consensus and challenges discernment of what requires a single agreed data-reality and what doesn’t

7. Looking Under the Hood of the Holo ICO: No Vesting and Why

By Support Lead Will Harris-Braun (7 min read)

  • Celebrates that added “transparency during communications” to their criteria because of the bar Holo set.
  • Describes how, while Holo does not have vesting, it does have the throttles on dumping that vesting is design to address.

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