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HoloFuel App Design Energises our Progress

Leadership & Org Update #24

  • Introducing the new HoloFuel App Design
  • Progress on Many Fronts
  • Moving HoloFuel up on the Roadmap

Introducing the new HoloFuel App Design

Last year we released the HoloFuel hApp to our community testers on a previous version of Holochain. The testing we did then, although focused on the Holochain infrastructure, allowed us to observe and listen, and for testers to provide incredibly valuable feedback. It set us up to reimagine HoloFuel as an application. So that our alpha test community can have an idea of what to expect, today we are sharing the new design.

HoloFuel will work both installed locally and also as a hosted application on Holo for use by any web user. We’ve spiffed it up and it now has a proper logo, a simpler UI, and a more intuitive UX. Here’s a quick tour.

HoloFuel will have a dashboard where users can see their balance, initiate transactions and respond to incoming notifications.

HoloFuel enables recipients to accept or decline transactions. The Transaction History can be filtered, sorted and searched.

Sending and requesting transactions is simple and easy with the new HoloFuel workflows.

Progress on Many Fronts

As you can see, we’ve been hard at work on design but design is not the only place we have been making progress.

If you have been reading the regular updates we share in Telegram or Twitter, you probably already know that we’ve now got a working Elemental Chat application and that we are hard at work preparing the Holochain and Holo infrastructure so that we can release it to all hosts. We are almost there.

However, it may be a bit harder to see how all the other details that get shared in those messages are having us progress towards the other milestones on our roadmap. Here are some specific accomplishments from the past several weeks.

  • DNAs for Holo Hosting have been initially built or migrated to RSM including:
    -Holo hosting DNA
    -Service Logger
    -Holo Registration
  • UI design has been started for all apps and is nearing completion for some
  • Our KYC partner has been selected and we’re working to complete registration flows inclusive of a new registration hApp
  • Hosting infrastructure has been internally demonstrated — the main feature left before full integration testing is to ensure that signals can work end-to-end in the hosted context
  • An early version of the HDK (Holochain Developer’s Kit) has been created for RSM with testing and feedback from community app developers
  • An automated testing framework that uses HoloPorts to test Holochain apps instead of services like AWS has been recently built. We’re using that right now to do the behavioural load testing for Elemental Chat.

All this progress has had us take a fresh look at our roadmap and make a few changes.

Moving HoloFuel up on the Roadmap

Yes, you read that right! We are actually ahead of where we expected to be in some ways. While it is taking a while to complete infrastructure testing because that is one of the most complex aspects of our work, we have been able to move many other activities forward. Because of that we decided to shift the HoloFuel application up in the roadmap. Here is what it looks like with the new changes.

More importantly however is getting a sense of how much of the work is done. Below are our estimates of work completed for a few of the milestones that follow our infrastructure releases.

The past month has not only been a month of progress towards our milestones for Holo and Holochain. It has also been a month of social unrest and we’ve engaged in deep consideration of our place in the future of technology and how we want to contribute to society. As a team we’ve reflected on the concentrating tendencies of power and the responsibilities that come with inherently centralised technologies. We’ve also delved into a profound discourse about how Holochain is fundamentally different from Holo. The ways that these two technologies work together but are divergent will be a theme of exploration in our writings over the course of the next year. We look forward to the journey.

In closing, I want to again appreciate all of those in the app ecosystem and in the community of testers who continue to contribute their time and energy and who are a key part of the success of this project. Thank you.




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