HoloPorts — What You Need To Know

HoloPort FAQs

From HoloPorts to HoloFuel — What you need to know.

Nov 27, 2019 · 4 min read

After announcing that HoloPorts will ship by the end of 2019 we’ve received a bunch of questions (we love an inquisitive community!). Below you can find the answers to some of the most common inquiries AKA the FAQs.

This list will grow so make sure you’re popping here once in a while! You never know what you might find.

Who is getting HoloPorts?

HoloPorts will be shipped to all Indiegogo backers who chose a HoloPort perk as well as all the pre-purchasers on Shopify.

I bought my HoloPort on Shopify, will I be receiving my HoloPort?

Yes! Anyone who has purchased a HoloPort or HoloPort+ can look forward to it shipping by the end of 2019.

How will HoloFuel work when HoloPorts ship?

The Holo Network is not ‘done’ when we start shipping HoloPorts. Shipping HoloPorts is the huge next step of our Alpha Testnet. HoloPort owners and other testers will be able to exchange test HoloFuel (Test Fuel) during this phase but it won’t be redeemable when the network is fully live on the Beta Mainnet.

Can I buy more HoloPorts? If so, where and how?

You can pre-order the HoloPort, HoloPort+ and HoloPort Nano on our

Can you clarify the information about HoloPort Nanos? When will HoloPort Nano’s ship, and what can I do in the meantime?

The HoloPort Nanos everywhere are still being tested.They will ship as soon as possible in 2020. The great news is when the HoloPort and HoloPort+ ship, Nano owners will also be able to join the Alpha Test Network using a virtual machine (VM).

What does the “Closed Alpha” mean and who will be able to participate?

The Closed Alpha Testnet is the current stage of development of the Holo Network. It is exclusively a test environment for HoloPort owners, Alpha-Beta testers (from our Indiegogo campaign), key partners, and invited guests. We’ll be sharing more with each of those groups in the next several weeks.

In closed Alpha can I utilize Holoport interface for self hosting and accessing applications like Humm Earth, Junto, etc. Can I start hosting as soon as I receive the port in the next couple of weeks?

In the first few weeks of testing after the shipment of HoloPorts, hosts will only be able to self host and test HoloFuel and the Communities App that are shipping with HoloPorts. After that, in our first release in January of 2020, we will enable hApp hosting, thus making it possible for other end-users via web browsers to access those apps through the Holo network. In each regular release following that, we will add additional features.

What is Test Fuel?

Test Fuel is what will be transacted during Alpha Testing. Test Fuel will NEVER be transferable for Holo Fuel or HOT and is literally just for the sake of testing.

Every user will start with a Test Fuel balance of zero. There will not be any credit limits in place so users can spend into negative balances, thereby giving positive balances to their recipients. Basically, users can rack up unlimited Test Fuel debt and will never need to pay it off.

Where will I exchange Fuel to Hot

With this first release of HoloPorts, we are not enabling any conversion, purchase, exchange, or swap of HOT to HoloFuel, or of HoloFuel or Test Fuel to HOT or any other currency. Those features will come out in later releases. We are working on a release roadmap for 2020.

HoloPorts Shipment tracking

HoloPorts are being shipped from professional warehouses, with tracking and insurance. We will be doing a final round of confirmation with all of the purchasers to make sure that the address and order details prior to the shipping date, are correct.

Plugging HoloPort into internet facing router: Are there ports that will need to be opened/redirected?

In almost all cases, no ports will need to be opened / redirected.

We’re incredibly appreciative of your support and looking forward to updating you as we continue the HoloPort shipping process.

Until then, here are three great ways to follow our progress:


Post-blockchain technology, value-stable cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer hosting of scalable, distributed apps. Now is the time for popular access to an equitable, decentralized web! https://holo.host


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Holo is a distributed peer-to-peer hosting platform for Holochain apps (hApps); a bridge to the new Internet. Powered by @Holochain



Post-blockchain technology, value-stable cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer hosting of scalable, distributed apps. Now is the time for popular access to an equitable, decentralized web! https://holo.host

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