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Monthly Roundup for Holo & Holochain

June Edition

Holochain v0.0.49 released

Generate Your hApp’s Source Code in Seconds

Regular Holo Dev Updates on Twitter

Rust In Blockchain

Our friends at Commons Engine just released a currency design course

Holochain DevCamp 7

Watch the Replay — AMA 38

Podcast — Arthur Brock talks to Jim about Holochain

The Nextnet Series: Part 3 of 3 — Unleashing the Power of Unenclosable Carriers (and How Holochain Can Help)

Here are few upcoming events:

  • Saigon Holochain Online Meetup (July 8th) — Join here
  • Cape Town Holochain Online Meetup (July 9th) — Join here
  • Lisbon Holochain Online Meetup (July 9th) — Join here
  • Los Angeles Holochain Online Meetup (July 14th) — Join here
  • Paris Holochain Online Meetup (July 16th) — Join here
  • Kyiv Holochain Online Meetup (July 20th) — Join here
  • Yafa — Tel Aviv Holochain Online Meetup (July 22nd) — Join here

Interested in building a hApp? Join Holochain Forum and start your journey!

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