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Monthly Roundup for Holo & Holochain

Welcome to our monthly roundup! October was nothing short of exciting as we gear up for a public release of Elemental Chat and shared our new Holo roadmap to keep our community up to date on what the future holds.

Q4 2021: Update on Milestones and Progress

Earlier this month, we shared our latest Leadership & Org Update with you all. You may have noticed an uptick in stories, blogs, apps, news and announcements coming from Holo recently. In large part this is simply because there is much more that can be built on Holochain than ever before. The proof of this reality is that the wider community of projects and developers are beginning to move with haste in their respective projects. Simultaneously the Holo development team is now unblocked. Certain feature development had been on pause until Holochain had finished updating to a necessary level of features and stability. This is huge.

In order to make the sequencing of our interdependent work more visible to our community, we refreshed our roadmap for Holo and included some key Holochain releases.

Read the full Leadership & Org Update.

3 More Holochain ReleasesI

In a Dev Pulse that was published last week, Paul talks through the latest 3 versions of Holochain that have been released. This Dev Pulse is packed full of information on not only the releases, but Dev Camp updates, networking fixes, and more information on Sweettest, a Rust-based Holochain testing framework. You won’t want to miss this update!

Read the full Dev Pulse.

Gosh, now that the dev team has moved to weekly releases, there’s a lot to catch up on when I skip a week! The most recent Holochain releases have a number of bug fixes that improve performance and reliability, along with a new feature (post_commit) and a few breaking changes.
- Paul d’Aoust

Regular Holo Dev Updates on Twitter

If you are curious about the — hot from the press dev updates — those can be found on Holo Twitter.

RedGrid: Carbon Neutral By 2030

Earlier this month, Paul wrote an excellent thought piece on RedGrid, which is building the internet of energy on Holochain. Throughout the article, we tackle the complexities of climate change, and exactly how RedGrid is making a difference. Read the whole article here.

Holochain Ecosystem Sessions

Ecosystem Sessions are long-form conversations with Holochain app builders on beliefs, the ins and outs of building distributed solutions, and a featured demo of the latest progress.

Rust In Blockchain Newsletter

RiB Newsletter #28

Holochain Dev Camp Continues

Holochain DevCamp #8 is continuing to go strong! Dev Camp participants and community devs are getting real-time support for their Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools from the Holochain dev team. These community-created tools make it much easier to build Holochain applications. Dev Campers have been building their own app using these RAD tools. These apps will then be easy for non-developers to install and use using the new Holochain launcher.

We will continue to post updates on the Holochain Twitter.

Watch the replay of AMA 48

Earlier this month we hosted AMA 48, where we gave vital details of the HoloPort Alpha Program. You can watch the replay here.

Join the Holo Team

We’re Hiring! Holo is excited to continue our mission by expanding our team. Check out the open positions below:

Interested in building a hApp? Join the Holochain Developer Forum and start your journey!

If you have general questions about Holo, Holochain, or HoloPorts — or want to join our community — the best place to start is on our Twitter, Holochain or Holo Reddits.

For specific questions or any technical issues regarding Holo or HoloPorts, you can read more, or contact us directly at help.holo.host.

We’ve loved sharing all of the progress we have been making with you, and look forward to what the future has in store. I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s short news collection and will catch you with more updates and news next month.

— Sarah @ Holo



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