The HoloPort Alpha Program

Paying for use of HoloPorts during Alpha

3 min readJul 1, 2021


UPDATE: As of January 2022, Holo has successfully moved all of its infrastructure testing to a fully distributed network formed by HoloPorts that joined the HoloPort Alpha Program. New registrations for the HoloPort Alpha Program are now closed, but this could potentially open again as we progress in the roadmap and need additional testing resources.

We are incredibly appreciative of our community of early adopters who pre-purchased HoloPorts. In previous months many HoloPort owners contributed greatly to our ability to release early milestones. These community testers are people who have monitors and keyboards connected to their ports and who’ve dedicated their time to actively participate with our delivery team during early test cycles. Huge thanks!

Now we need to expand testing. It’s becoming increasingly important for the continued evolution of the Holo platform. At this stage, Holo is looking to set up parallel test environments which require consistent support from hundreds of HoloPorts. This will better reflect how the infrastructure and applications will work when running at scale on the platform. Creating multiple test environments helps our development and QA efforts and is especially needed for the upcoming release of hosted Elemental Chat, as well as the subsequent Holo application milestones.

Because of that, Holo would like to offer HoloPort owners a new opportunity to make their port available for use by Holo during the Alpha testing period.

Participants in the HoloPort Alpha Program can choose to volunteer their HoloPort or receive a small stipend in HoloFuel based on meeting the minimum metrics each month. The reason we are offering this stipend now is because as we move forward, it is critical that the HoloPorts remain turned on and connected to the Internet while we are testing.

Here are the requirements for the HoloPort Alpha Program:

  • HoloPorts must be updated to the latest version of HPOS
  • Participants must be signed up and accepted into the HoloPort Alpha Program*
  • HoloPorts must have monthly uptime of 95%
  • HoloPorts must maintain SSH at an availability level of 99%

A stipend of 10,000 HF** will accrue monthly for each port and will be paid upon Beta launch (mainnet) of the Holo platform. We’ll send all participants a weekly report on metrics and a monthly report that details the stipend accrual. For the general public we’re also preparing a simple dashboard that aggregates network data about the HoloPorts active on the platform.

Registration for the HoloPort Alpha program will open up in July. To get ready, it’s important that you update your HoloPort to the latest version of HPOS. If you own a HoloPort please reach out to for your invite to the Holo Forum where you will find all HoloPort guidance as well as community support. Once you’re on the Holo Forum go to the step-by-step instructions to register for the Alpha Program.

We will be holding an AMA later this month and you can submit questions with this link.

We’re excited to be expanding Alpha testing to the wider Holo host community!

– The Holo Team

* Holo may limit the program to certain jurisdictions as may be required by law.

** The stipend amount may change from time to time if there are material changes to the HOT price.



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