Video Update: The Final Stretch to HoloPort Delivery

Video Update: The Final Stretch to HoloPort Delivery

Jul 2, 2019 · 4 min read

We realize it has been several weeks since our last update.That was for two reasons. The first was related to the bureaucracy of getting HoloPorts/HoloPort+ from the assembly and packaging lines through the customs process, and onto the cargo ships. But more importantly, we used this update as an opportunity to improve our internal alignment on how to best communicate about the Holo network software requirements, and why that is deeply connected to the final delivery of HoloPorts. The first of its kind, video update below, speaks to this. For your tremendous patience, and your continued support, we thank you.

Over 2000 HoloPorts/HoloPorts+ have shipped to three regional warehouse in the US, Europe, & Asia.

Over 2000 HoloPorts/HoloPorts+ have shipped to three regional warehouse in the US, Europe, & Asia.

“The Final Stretch to HoloPort Delivery”

Hello everyone!

We’ve got some great news and some not so great news.

The great news is HoloPorts and HoloPort+ units are on ships to the distribution warehouses!

And the not so great news is we’ll be holding them in the warehouses until the software for the Holo Hosting network is ready too.

That’s because HoloPorts are only useful and valuable when they’re running Holo and connect to the network.

Even though we will send hardware, this is a software and networking project, and the challenge of running distributed apps and connecting them to web users like a normal web site requires complex infrastructure.

We’re thrilled to have built over 3,000 HoloPorts that will be safe, secure, and function at the high level we need to support the Holo network.

And over 2000 HoloPorts and HoloPorts+ are on there way to three regional warehouse in the US, Europe, & Asia.

Since all the HoloPorts are self-updating, they will auto download the latest software when they are connected to the Internet.

The Nanos have all been manufactured and will also ship as soon as their auto updating software has been finished and added to all the units.

Like most successful tech projects we’re going to keep breaking through one blocker issue after another after another until we can get you great hardware synced with great software.

We’ve found that describing complex infrastructure projects is hard to do.

We’re going to keep trying to do that but for right now we want to share the high-level requirements we need to give HoloPort owners the meaningful experience they need;

Networking must have 5000 nodes that can communicate with each other with working apps.

Identity functions must ensure secure and unified identities for users across the Holo networks.

HoloPort users must be able to plug and register to the Holo network to start providing hosting.

A User Interface must be able to connect to the HoloPort from another device and manage their hosting options.

Basic versions of the HoloFuel app and a simple chat app must be available to be hosted on the HoloPort.

This is what we must deliver during Closed Alpha right now. The full-feature experience planned for later stages will include much more.

Closed Alpha is just one step on the journey to the Holo Beta Mainnet.

We’ve heard our community ask for specific timelines. And we’ve been taking steps to get there by reorganizing our dev teams and building solid, reliable scrum processes.

We are building the momentum and predictability necessary to do that.

What we just shared are the minimum requirements of the Holo network software — the things that must function before we can send HoloPorts with the confidence that you will have a great experience.

We want to start showing you more about what we’re building. So we’re introducing a new video series in which we’ll share about the Holo network and associated applications we’re creating; we’ll include short demos; and we will share both the progress we make and the challenges that arise along the way.

We’ll also address questions from the community like: What does the HoloPort OS do? What are the main components of the Holo software? What are HP admin controls? Why is networking at scale and speed important?

Thank you for sticking with us on this journey. Just so you know, there are plenty on our team who are also frustrated about the timelines, and are busting their butts to get this out the door to you ASAP.

You might think you just bought a piece of hardware, but to deliver what we promised you — the means to securely host the next web and get rewarded for it — requires not just a new software application, but a whole new P2P computing paradigm where users are in control of their data and identity.

This fully distributed web app infrastructure without bottlenecks or security vulnerabilities requires changes on every layer of today’s computing stack.

We’ve come a long way from an idea of this next net to layers and layers of working infrastructure.

I know you’re anxious to see this in action. And we’ll be unveiling more and more of the pieces of the Holo network over these next weeks and months.

Soon, you will be hosting the next Internet.

Thank you!

— The Holo team


Post-blockchain technology, value-stable cryptocurrency…


Post-blockchain technology, value-stable cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer hosting of scalable, distributed apps.


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Post-blockchain technology, value-stable cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer hosting of scalable, distributed apps.