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This week — deepfaking a human genome; cobalt-based quantum brain; drone swarms are getting too fast for humans; and more!

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More Than A Human

Most Anti Aging Products Don’t Work. But You Can Learn How to Age Better.

Researchers from Elysium Health created Index Biological Age Test — a DNA test that checks your biological age, how fast are you ageing and specific, customized, science-backed health, diet, and lifestyle recommendations intended to help you age better.

Artificial Intelligence

► How to Disappear Completely (33:55)

Lilly Ryan shows how to disappear… at least for facial recognition software. This talk provides an overview of the urban camouflage technology and how to deploy it in order to foil facial recognition.

This ‘Quantum Brain’ Would Mimic Our Own to Speed Up AI

Researchers from the Netherlands proposed how to use cobalt to create “an atomic Boltzmann machine capable of self-adaption”, or quantum brain in short. The team still has to build the machine and show it works but nevertheless, the idea is interesting.


Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Is Now Armed

Here is an interview with Zachary Jackowski, Spot Chief Engineer at Boston Dynamics, discussing details of Spot’s new arm (btw the Arm is on listed on their website but the price was not revealed yet).

MIT is building a ‘one-stop shop’ for 3D-printing robots

MIT’s CSAIL department showcased “LaserFactory,” a new project that attempts to develop robotics, drones and other machines than can be fabricated as part of a “one-stop shop.” In the video, they showed how a laser cuts out the frame of a drone, adds silver traces, places the electronics, solders everything and just like that, you have a functioning drone.

Drone Swarms Are Getting Too Fast For Humans To Fight, U.S. General Warns

General John Murray, head of Army Futures Command, told a webinar audience at the Center for Strategic & International Studies that humans may not be able to fight swarms of enemy drones, and that the rules governing human control over artificial intelligence might need to be relaxed.

Stanley — the capstan based quadruped

And here is another project to recreate MIT’s Cheetah robot. DIY style. I like any projects like that and it is amazing that this kind of tech can be built as a side project without huge corporate or academic backing.


New Algorithm Generates Synthetic Human Genetic Code

Just like you can generate a face of someone who does not exist, researchers from Estonia and France made an AI that can generate a genome (in digital format) of a person that does not exist. The team argues their work could help further genetic experimentation but some genetisist don’t see any practical application of this research project.

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Originally published at https://hplusweekly.com on February 12, 2021.



A free, weekly newsletter with latest news and articles about robotics, AI and transhumanism.

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