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Here we go again. Another Monday.

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If you are my age, you have done it over 1400 times. Yet every time, the same uncomfortable sensation happens. Monday is this one day when apparently, for most of us, personal life ends and the professional begins. The one day when we need to follow a schedule and a set of rules, and pause our hedonistic pursuits until the next weekend.

But ask someone from Bangladesh what they feel about Mondays. For them, Monday is just their Tuesday, where nothing happens and the mechanics of the work start rolling more smoothly. Monday is the 2nd day of the week after their weekend on Friday and Saturday. For them, Sunday is worse.

(I feel having Sunday as the first day of the working week is really worse than having Monday.)

But why talk about Sundays on a Monday!

Let us talk about Monday this Monday, but a little bit less morosely and more pretentiously wisdomous-ly.

Mondays feel bad because they break the pattern that we have fallen into, the pattern-less pattern of weekends. I believe we like the routine of adventure, and we are left with routine alone when Monday begins. Maybe it is just our folly looking for a ‘Y’ and an ‘A’ and a ‘Y’ in responsibilities and missing the gone childhood years while adulting.

But, Mondays are just like any other day, they arrive, exist, and leave, with or without us. All that it becomes is just what we choose to see of it and what we make of it.

PS: This post isn’t completely about Mondays. Also, it is not about Valentine’s Day. It is about something else to me — a more of a reminder. And you, the reader can attribute any meaning to it.

But, here we go again. Monday has been used as a ruse, again.




Hi, I am Harini JBL, a Creative Content Writer and the Co-Founder of a writing community, The Folded Paper (https://medium.com/the-folded-paper). Eager to tell what I know and have experienced. One day, I’ll tell what the 4 A’s and JBL mean in my name. Probably. See you around!

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Harini JBL

Harini JBL

Practicing writing for the kitchen and the soul | Creative Content Writer at MediaAgility & Co-Creator at The Folded Paper, Writing Community

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