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The Habit Coach Wrap 🌯

Your August update on the latest in the world of behavioral science-backed coaching!

Welcome to another Habit Coach Wrap — your monthly update on the latest in the world of behavioral science-backed coaching! 🎉 In each update, we (the team at Habit Coach Professionals) share the three most important pieces of content to check out that month.

Let’s get to the top content and insights from August!

August Insights

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📖 Something to read

How to motivate yourself to change
Change for ourselves and our clients is hard, but it is possible. However, what if your problem isn’t so much that you or your client don’t know what to do; rather that, for whatever reason, you or your client just can’t even get yourself started. Motivational Interviewing techniques can help to build confidence, and encourage that first action.

🎧 Add this to your podcast queue

TRAINED | Margaret Moore | Coaching Yourself Up
People diminish the sophistication of the coaching skill set and think that everybody can do it. But trying to help someone else change their minds and behavior is one of the hardest things to do! It’s a tough skill set! Bringing the scientific process into coaching is really helpful! Cue HCP! Wink, wink.

📺 Your must-see TV

Digital Tools for Behavior Change
Learn how to better help your clients create healthy habits that last through the lens of behavioral science. Look at your clients within the context of their environment, use your coaching app to intervene at granular levels in real time, and employ commitment and social tools to help maintain adherence.

💡Habit Coach Spotlight

Highlighting an inspiring habit coach from around the world

Jazzelynn Daigle

Personal Trainer

I help women work on athleticism, performance, and body recomposition. In addition to focusing on training and nutrition, we also pay attention to mindset and habits. Improving performance and body recomp are often long processes, so having the skills and strategies I learned from the HCP Level 1 Certification Program have helped me to better help my clients build habits that lend themselves to consistency and sticking to a plan, which are of the utmost importance to achieving long-term goals.

Get in touch with Jazzelyn about her coaching practice!

Exciting News! 🎉

Last chance to register!

Registration for our next Habit Coach Pro Level 1 Certification Cohort closes tomorrow, Sunday, August 29th, at 11:59pm central time!! This will be our final cohort of 2021, and it will run September 13 — November 21, 2021. Will you join in on the #HabitCoachRevolution this year?

Learn more and register today! 🚀

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed another month of coaching BeSci at its finest! We’ll be back in your inbox again near the end of September with more game-changing content.

If you’d like these insights sent straight to your inbox, join the mailing list!


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This publication aims to provide the best and latest insights from the world of behavioral science-backed coaching, including what it means to be a habit coach and effective behavior change strategies.

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