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The Habit Coach Wrap 🌯

Your February update on the latest in the world of behavioral science-backed coaching!

Welcome to the Habit Coach Wrap — your monthly update on the latest in the world of behavioral science-backed coaching! In each update, we (the team at Habit Coach Professionals) share the three most important pieces of content to check out that month. We’ve got a dino-mite 🦖 line up of content and insights for you from February. So let’s get to it! 💕

February Insights

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📖 Something to read

The Trick to Designing Rewarding Habits
A key to making new habits last, is making them rewarding! HCP Cohort Support Assistant Patty Vannoy walks us through four very important steps to doing just that — so that our good intentions finally become a reality! Read on to learn the trick.

🎧 Add this to your podcast queue

When it comes to providing our coaching services and products and engaging with our clients, it’s important to truly understand the circumstances of our clients and practice empathy with them. Give this Chemistry of Engagement podcast episode a listen to take a deep dive into empathy in business and the workplace.

📺 Your must-see TV

Predictably Irrational — Basic Human Motivations
Behavior is complex. That’s a foundational mantra of The Habit Coach Professionals Level 1 Certification Course! And the motivation behind why we do the behaviors we do is not only multi-faceted, but predictably irrational. Give this TEDxMidwest video with OG Behavioral Economist, Dan Ariely, a watch to learn more!

💡Habit Coach Spotlight

Highlighting an inspiring habit coach from around the world

Clayton Key, MBA

Vice President of Business Development at Shapa Inc.

I’m a tenured fitness professional with a decade of experience helping individuals change their lifestyle to achieve their health and fitness goals. I currently work at Shapa, the numberless scale utilizing a 5-color feedback system to nudge members toward better behaviors. In my role, I apply behavioral science principles in product design to enhance health outcomes. Habit Coach Pro was an effective program that provided a simplistic approach toward understanding habit science and enhancing my abilities to apply these principles not only as a fitness professional but also a product manager.

Get in touch with Clayton about his work in the health and fitness space!

Become The Next Certified Habit Coach Pro!

Next Cohort runs May 16 — July 24! Ready to become a Certified Habit Coach Professional? Our next ten week cohort begins in mid-May. Early Bird Registration will open up exclusively to those on the Early Bird List for 24 hours only on April 4th to gain access to the limited number of $200 discounted spots! Click here to get on the Early Bird List today. 🚀

And that’s a wrap! We hope this month’s behavioral science-backed coaching content captured a pizza 🍕 your heart ❤️! We’ll be back in your inbox at the end of March.

If you’d like these insights sent straight to your inbox, join the mailing list!


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This publication aims to provide the best and latest insights from the world of behavioral science-backed coaching, including what it means to be a habit coach and effective behavior change strategies.

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