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The Habit Coach Wrap 🌯

Your January update on the latest in the world of behavioral science-backed coaching!

Welcome to the Habit Coach Wrap — your monthly update on the latest in the world of behavioral science-backed coaching! In each update, we (the team at Habit Coach Professionals) share the three most important pieces of content to check out that month. We wouldn’t want to drop the ball 🎊 on this chance at a #FreshStart 🌱▶️, so let’s get to the top content and insights from January. 🎇

January Insights

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📖 Something to read

Why now is the perfect time! To become a Certified Habit Coach Professional
January can be a fun time for coaches as we take on the influx of New Year’s Resolutioners who are hoping to become better versions of themselves, but when February comes and those same clients lose motivation, stop following through on their healthy habits, and worst of all, when they ghost us, that fun often turns to frustration. Which means there’s no better time than now to understand the science and practice of Habit Coaching!

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3 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick
The Science of Change host and behavior scientist Kristen Berman is back again to save you from another classic holiday blunder — not keeping one’s New Year’s Resolution. In this mini-sode, Kristen breaks down three behavioral science principles that will help make sure you and your clients’ resolutions stick in 2022!

📺 Your must-see TV

4 Scientific Self-Improvement Tips
The journey to self-improvement is never a smooth one, and the barriers we face to change are rarely physical. Instead, we often get tripped up by psychological hurdles. Pete Judodihardjo and Professor Katy Milkman discuss four scientific tips to smooth out the journey of improving one’s self!

💡Habit Coach Spotlight

Highlighting an inspiring habit coach from around the world

Jennifer Van Overdam

Group Fitness Instructor & Health Communication Coordinator

I’m a Group Fitness Instructor and Program Coordinator for UT Center for Health Communication. I found a lot of value in the HCP Certification and I’d recommend it to anyone in the wellness coaching industry! You learn so much about behavioral change paradigms, theories, and assessment tools that will help you better connect with your clients and create better programs that will help your clients succeed!

Get in touch with Jennifer about her work in the health and fitness space!

Certified Habit Coach Professional Directory

Join Today! 🚀 Certified Habit Coach Professionals — It’s time to get your name out in the world and let everybody know you are a highly qualified and skilled coach in the art and science of helping others create good habits that last! Complete this Directory Form to be featured on our Website Directory so that those looking for Habit Coaching can easily learn more about you and get in contact with you!

And that’s a wrap! We hope this month’s behavioral science-backed content will help you turn over a new leaf 🍃 in your coaching and behavior change journey. We’ll be back in your inbox at the end of February. 🦋

If you’d like these insights sent straight to your inbox, join the mailing list!


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This publication aims to provide the best and latest insights from the world of behavioral science-backed coaching, including what it means to be a habit coach and effective behavior change strategies.

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