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The Habit Coach Wrap 🌯

Your September update on the latest in the world of behavioral science-backed coaching!

Welcome to the Habit Coach Wrap — your monthly update on the latest in the world of behavioral science-backed coaching! 🎉 In each update, we (the team at Habit Coach Professionals) share the three most important pieces of content to check out that month.

Let’s get to the top content and insights from September!

September Insights

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📖 Something to read

Why the Stressed Brain Falls Back on Old Habits
In an effort to save energy and cognitive resources, the stressed brain prioritizes old habits and routines over purposeful, deliberative action. Thus, while stress can push people toward bad habits, it can also reinforce beneficial routines, if they exist. This underscores the importance of establishing good habits, as well as the challenge of doing so during periods of stress.

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You Can’t Always Want What You Like
We might love grueling hikes, trips to see far-flung relatives, or super hard crossword puzzles, but often we lack the motivation needed to embark on these fun, yet challenging, things. Dr. Laurie Santos explores why our brains don’t encourage us to do things that we know we’ll enjoy, and presents strategies to help us do more of the activities that will result in happier and healthier lives.

📺 Your must-see TV

The Sneaky Things That Keep Good Habits From Sticking
Context is King when it comes to habit formation. Life Decluttering Coach, and future Habit Coach Pro, Jessica Malone, discusses how our cluttered environments often sneakily keep us from building the good habits that we desire.

💡Habit Coach Spotlight

Highlighting an inspiring habit coach from around the world

Pieter-Jan Depauw

Gym Owner & Online Coach

I am a Belgian based gym-owner and online coach, and I work with clients who want to achieve a healthier but sustainable lifestyle, mainly through habit coaching. I could not recommend the HCP program enough! We’ve all had clients who have trouble implementing something and we try to pick something to help them, but The Habit Coach Pros actually have a structure on how you should implement things to build or break habits.

Get in touch with Pieter-Jan about his coaching practice!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this month’s amazing behavioral science-based coaching content! We’ll be back in your inbox again near the end of October with more insightful material.

If you’d like these insights sent straight to your inbox, join the mailing list!


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This publication aims to provide the best and latest insights from the world of behavioral science-backed coaching, including what it means to be a habit coach and effective behavior change strategies.

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