The Healthy State of Coworking in the UK

Following up on the Global Coworking Survey 2016 with a specific look at #coworking in the UK there are some interesting facts that reveal how it’s such a positive and strong movement in Britain:

  • 79% of UK coworking hubs plan to expand this year which is 17% higher than the rest of the world
  • There are 25% more members in UK coworking hubs, with hubs being 140m2 larger on average
  • Coworking hubs in the UK are typically more profitable (39% running at profit vs rest of world at 36%) & more established (only 29% of hubs are 12 months old or younger
  • Coworking hubs in the UK interact with one another more often (but less frequently) than hubs around the world. A whopping 72% of hubs interact regionally in the UK vs 49% in the rest of the world!

and finally, the last one, which is my favourite:

  • The main motivation for 78% UK coworking operators is that “they like to improve the working lives of others”.

That has particular resonance for us at Habu, because our prime motivation for creating innovative software for coworking hubs is to support coworking operators and managers precisely because of the role they play in improving the working lives of freelancers, entrepreneurs & startups!

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