Series: Meet Our Cohort

vol.1, no. 1 — Introducing Ezeanyinabia Anyanwu

With one month until internships kick off, we welcome you to get to know all 16 members of our inaugural cohort. In the first of this 18-part “Meet Our Cohort” series, Ezeanyinabia Anyanwu shares why he’s interested in the tech field, what he hopes to accomplish through Hack.Diversity, and how he wants to change the world.

Call me Eze!

Ezeanyinabia Anyanwu

Computer Science Major at Gordon College

  • Headed for a Web Portals (SaaS) Software Engineering internship at Carbonite
  • Favorite programming language is Python.
  • Best creative display of skills on resume: “I am capable of building functional and responsive websites from scratch (Note: I am not a designer :p. Can’t tell you how well it will look, but it will work).”
Eze clearly enjoying his Match Day interview with Carbonite’s Michael Onessimo!

Let’s dive deeper…

Q: Why are you interested in working with computers and technology?

I became interested when I realized how much I could do with a laptop and wifi. All the resources are readily accessible; I just need to put in the time.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the Hack.Diversity program?

For me, more experience is the big thing. I look forward to understanding the needs of the company I work for and I want to do my best to get the team closer to their goals by using the knowledge that I have.

Q: Why is diversity important to you?

Equal opportunity is important. It is important that people who have the motivation and are willing to put in the work be given as much of an opportunity to prove themselves.

Q: How do you want to change the world? How do you want to change the tech scene?

Ideally, I want to be working at the frontline of technologies and sciences that are rapidly improving. I’m thinking of things such as space exploration, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and the like.

Q: Want to share a fun fact about yourself?

I love change and can honestly see myself living anywhere in the world.

Carbonite internships will start on May 15th. Stay tuned for next week’s “Meet Our Cohort vol. 1, no. 2.”

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