6 Reasons to join Chayn

Volunteers are the heart of everything we do at Chayn, and we’re always on the lookout for passionate and talented people to help us fight gender-based violence and oppression. Interested to hear more? Our volunteers open up about what they love most about working with Chayn and why you should join our gang.

Mar 6, 2018 · 4 min read

1 — We’re making a global impact in the fight against patriarchy, by tackling relationship abuse and other forms of gender-based violence and oppression.

This is the start and end of everything we do at Chayn. And fighting the good fight along with other driven, skilled and giving intersectional feminists feels good.

“I’m a new member of Chayn and I’ve been bowled over by the passion and dedication of the other volunteers, and how Chayn’s structure empowers volunteers to contribute and shape the organisation. It’s such an honour to be working alongside some incredible activists all over the world to fight gender-based violence and smash the patriarchy.”

— Alex Duffy

2 — We’re tech-savvy. Yes, we know lots of organisations say that. But we actually are.

Chayn’s reason for being is leveraging technology to enable women and non-binary people to access the necessary information, research and skills to live happy and healthy lives, free from abuse . We’re constantly innovating — asking ‘what’s the most effective way to solve this problem?’

“I’ve volunteered for many organizations over the years and what I love about Chayn is how we’re continuously learning and adapting to the latest technology. Even after working in the media and entertainment sector for a decade, Chayn is the most technologically savvy organization I’ve ever been a part of. It’s great to be part of such an energized team.”

— Serena Vora

3 — We design with, not for, survivors.

The resources we produce are open source and freely available. Our toolkits and guides are crowdsourced to pool the knowledge and experience of survivors, experts and people around the world. We’re a non-hierarchical organisation that places the voices of survivors front and center.

“As an explicitly feminist and intersectional organisation, each project feels exciting, collaborative and radically progressive.”

— Olivia Jardine

4 — We’re 100% volunteer-run and everyone gets a say.

Our network of volunteers spans the world and can seamlessly suggest, start and collaborate on new projects. The more we are, the more impact we can make.

“I love the fast-paced, D-I-Y approach at Chayn, which enables all volunteers to make a real impact on important projects supporting women and non-binary folk facing abuse. With Chayn being 100% volunteer-run, every team member has a say over organisational direction and the projects we choose to undertake together. ”

— Olivia Jardine

5 — You’re in control to choose tasks based on what you want to learn.

You can be as involved as much as you want! We use Facebook and Slack to manage tasks, but it’s plug-and-play, so there are no obligations. You can help us in your own time, from your own home, and whenever you feel like it.

“One of the many things I love about volunteering with Chayn is that you’re asked, at the beginning of each [three month] cycle, what you can do, but most importantly what you want to learn. This is a great opportunity to gain new skills and I feel like I’ve already learned so much, working with folks who come from very different backgrounds.”

— Anne-Sophie Garrigou

6 — To top it all, we’re really really fun.

Protesting the patriarchal, misogynist world in which we live is exhausting. It helps to surround ourselves with smart, driven and hilarious people who make each day that bit brighter. At Chayn, solidarity, gifs and giggles are in no short supply.

“The best part of volunteering with Chayn is working with and learning from the amazing, talented, focussed and driven people who make up the team. They inspire me and teach me every day, plus they’re funny as hell!”

— Amy Johnson

“With Chayn, I’ve not only found a project to get behind, but a global group of inspiring friends, connected by a drive to smash the patriarchy and all the other forms of oppression that come with it.”

— Olivia Jardine

We’re currently looking for new team members to help us fight the patriarchy and end relationship abuse. We have a bunch of different teams, to suit a range of varied interests and skill sets. Enjoy writing, tweeting, designing or coding? We want to hear from you! Check out our work on our website or fill in our application form to get in touch.

This blog post was written by Chayn volunteer, Alexandra Duffy.


News and thoughts from our projects around the globe empowering women against abuse through technology.


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An opensource gender and tech project that empowers women against violence & oppression. Producing tools, platforms & hacks for the world. 100% volunteer-run.



News and thoughts from our projects around the globe empowering women against abuse through technology.