Accelerating Change in Gender Inequality: What teenagers in the UK tell us

Chayn was proud to be a part of the world’s first Gender Equality Accelerator, hosted by Fearless Futures, where 20 ambitious young women and men [aged 16 -20 yrs] came together to explore gender inequalities and social change.

Gender injustice is so embedded in our society and our world, that sometimes we stop seeing it. It’s time to wake up, give ourselves a shake and confront those content with the status quo. [Shami Chakrabarti]

Truer words have never been spoken. In over 6 days in Fearless Future’s GEA [Gender Equality Accelerator], an amazing team of young women and men were given three briefs to apply their ‘knowledge of gender and intersecting inequalities and leadership skills into action to create real solutions to real world problems and in doing so accelerate the pace of positive change!’ Chayn was thrilled to be a part of this amazing opportunity and provided one brief for the youth to tackle in their challenge for gender equality.

What was Chayn’s brief?

‘How can Chayn attract the youth in the UK to use Snap Counsellors to seek advice for relationship abuse?’

After a successful launch in India, Avani Parekh, an experienced counsellor for Snap Counsellors reported that there was a growing audience in the UK using the service. We weren’t surprised to hear this as we believe that abuse has no borders, it’s a global social problem that needs solving. We wanted to find out what creative ways Chayn could adopt in attracting more youth in the UK to use Snap Counsellors.

What did Fearless Future’s GEA team propose for Chayn?

After an intensive course of ‘design thinking’ lead by Priya Ghai, three ambitious women followed the double diamond process (Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver) as human-centred designers, to propose a pop-up Chayn’s Tent to tackle our challenge.

‘Chayn’s Tent’ would host 3 key spaces:

  1. Gallery: a platform for the youth to express their creativity through art and poetry.
  2. Discussion Circle: an informal group meet up for the youth to talk about relationships.
  3. Phone Booths: a dedicated, private space where the youth could go for SnapCounselling sessions.

We love the idea of creating an ‘ice-breaker’ that won’t feel ‘confrontational’ in talking about abuse and feel that this approach will be useful to remove the stigma that’s associated with counselling and encourage the youth to reach out for help.

It’s not always possible that you get to have an immersive experience of a design proposal. We were so impressed with team’s prototype on Presentation evening where we got to have a opportunity to explore how it would feel and what it would look like if we held a pop-up event with Chayn’s Tent.

Our main constraint at Chayn is time and resources. All of the volunteers at Chayn run on passion and volunteer in their own spare time while juggling with their studies or full-time jobs. To make Chayn’s Tent happen will need a lot of time, budget and resources. But this won’t deter us. We see a lot of promise in this and we’ll be developing this proposal further.

Jess, Kayalveli & Hawa: The awesome young women behind ‘Chayn’s Tent’ proposal

We would like to take this moment to thank Jess, Kayalveli and Hawa [above] for coming up with the idea for Chayn and every one at Fearless Futures for making this possible. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of this journey. We were so inspired by what we saw throughout Fearless Future’s GEA and cannot wait to see what’s next store with Jess, Kayalveli, Hawa, and the rest of the dream team at Fearless Futures! Thank you!

Just before you go…

‘If you’re a teen facing constant verbal/physical violence by your partner
If you’re witnessing abuse of a friend/family member and want to talk about it
If you’re seeking info about relationship abuse so you can take action
If you’re in a relationship and want to know if you’re doing something wrong’

Feel free to add @LoveDoctordotIn on snapchat where experienced counsellors will be a tap away for some discrete advice!

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