DOT Lebanon and Chayn are teaming up to bring online safety training to Lebanon

Students of DOT Lebanon’s program

Technology is shaping the world as we know it. From being just a medium for entertainment and communication, it has now turned into the backbone for several tools which have the power to make the world a better place. These days, several organizations leverage technology to educate, empower and to drive development.

DOT Lebanon is one of them. With unique social programs aimed at creating entrepreneurial opportunities for refugees, especially youth and women, this organization believes in “harnessing the power of youth” to drive change.

True to the task, DOT Lebanon has now partnered with Chayn and will be using Chayn’s Do it Yourself Online Safety as a part of their Digital Youth Activism curriculum that will be implemented in 14 UNICEF Innovation Labs scattered in Lebanon. A partnership waiting to happen, as Chayn and DOT Lebanon not only share their ability to use technology for superior gains, but also the fight against gender inequality. Chayn is an open-source project that uses digital knowledge to empower women all over the world against violence and oppression.

This project is one of Chayn’s many endeavors in making the world a safer place for women. Available in two versions — starter and advanced — it is an extensive guide on how one can protect oneself from possible stalkers and harassment online. It is crowdsourced by survivors and tech experts volunteers from around the world and it is available in eight languages and begins with a test to find the many traces an internet user leaves online.

Additionally, as part of its Innovation Labs Network, DOT Lebanon has also partnered with UNICEF and other NGOs to impart digital and entrepreneurial skills to young refugees between the ages of 14 and 24 years. DOT Lebanon is also bringing about a curriculum change in primary and secondary schools, with more emphasis on a digital skillset and an e-learning program.

It is heartening to see when organizations like Chayn and DOT Lebanon can leverage each other to help achieve a shared vision. Along with the inclusion of the safety guide, DOT Lebanon is also promoting and teaching the ethical use of online open-source material as Chayn has been doing since its inception.

Chayn absolutely loves the unique nature of DOT Lebanon’s programs and hopes that the good work never stops.