Chayn — Semi-finalist in WIRED AUDI Social Innovation Awards

At Chayn we all love WIRED. This is why we were ecstatic to get nominated for the Wired Audi Innovation Awards for the Social Innovation category alongside inspiring projects like Impact Hub: Birmingham, Plume Labs, Open Bionics and many more.

We’ve always been fans of Wired because they cover initiatives that are often so important in shaping our modern lives, but stay ignored by the rest of the press. They show how dynamic the technology sector is and how many super innovative ways there are out there to use it, including tech for good!

Chayn has always struggled finding its place between the tech sector and the fight against domestic violence:

On the one hand, we don’t quite fit in the tech sector because we don’t do super impressive techy things, we use tech to help and support women suffering of abuse.

On the other hand, we don’t either really fit in with other organisations fighting domestic violence either, because we approach it from a different perspective, a tech perspective that can seem a bit hard to understand sometimes.

70% of our volunteers are survivors of abuse who manage the total product cycle from ideation to project management and design. We develop toolkits like ‘How To Build Your Own Domestic Violence Case Without A Lawyer’ and guides like for example the DIY Online Safety Guide that we are launching on the 2nd of December, aimed at equipping people to protect themselves against stalking and being tracked by someone that may harm them.

We are very happy to have been chosen as part of the semi-finalists in the Social Innovation category of the WIRED AUDI Awards because it’s really great to be recognised for the innovative way we use technology and practise survivor-lead design!

We didn’t win, but it’s still an enormous victory because I really didn’t think I would one day be able to say “Hey, you know WIRED? The charity I help run, we got nominated by them for the AUDI Awards!”.