Gupshup: Hear the voice of Chayn

By Sabin Muzaffar + Chayn team

We love podcasts. You love podcasts. Everyone love podcasts!

And it was only a matter of time before we launched our own. You can now hear the first episode of our Gupshup (meaning ‘chit chat in Urdu/Hindi) series, which discusses how women in abusive relationships and organisations helping them are using technology in the UK.

In 2016, Chayn partnered with Comic Relief, along with Safe Lives and Snook, to launch a groundbreaking project, Tech vs Abuse, to explore and investigate the role of digital technologies in supporting victims of domestic abuse. The project led to eye-opening evidence that led to a better understanding of domestic violence and how social media could be leveraged as a tool to empower people in chronic abusive relationships.

According to Chayn’s domestic abuse survivor survey:

A third of women surveyed mentioned the stigma around being a survivor of abuse.”
“47% of women found that connecting with support groups was a positive experience when using technology, and it could help them counteract feelings of isolation.”

History has shown that previous industrial revolutions have economically advanced “man”-kind. Enter the next industrial revolution or as we now term it — the digital revolution, and we see a similar battle.

While women around the world face inequality, violence and oppression just like they did before — we’re making advancements, and technology is both an enabler and blocker in this.

Along with the accelerated rate of progress, technology has transformed societies far and wide; from the nooks and crannies of Tunisia to the streets of London. And our first podcast brings us into the streets of United Kingdom and the partners of the #TechvsAbuse project. In the first episode, Rosie Spinks, freelance journalist and feminist hosts a discussion with our Afsa, Nissa Ramsay (Comic Relief), and Penny East (SafeLives).

At Chayn, we are happy to see women using digital media to learn about their rights, increase self-worth, bodily and financial autonomy, and join a sisterhood of kindred spirits. By leveraging the power of tech, women and women-centric organisations have stepped up, banded together and raised voice against inhumanities that afflict them.

Through Gupshup, we want to feature interviews with volunteers and partners, and elaborate on our take on what’s going on in the world.

Our first podcast is now live. Go check it out and leave a comment telling us what you think!