Non Una Di Meno: Not A Woman Less. Thousands of women takes to the streets in Rome to protest violence against women.

Ni una menos, non una di meno.

It’s with these words that the protest has spread from Argentina to Poland, France, Spain and finally in Italy where, in Rome, on the 26th November, two hundred thousand people (according to the organizers) took to the streets to say stop to gender-based violence, in the context of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Chayn Italy was there too.

The event was organized by “Io decido”, “D.i. Re.” (Donne In Rete) and UDI (Unione Donne in Italia). About 150 national networks and many women´s refuges joined the massive demonstration against gender-based violence to protest against the funding cuts of women’s refuges and family counseling, against the non-implementation of the law 194 on abortion, against discrimination in the workplace but also to demand the self-determination for women.

In Italy, since the beginning of 2016, 116 women have already been murdered, by men. The data shows that one in every three women is a victim of physical, sexual or psychological violence impacting every aspect of their bodies and lives: their health, education and work. It’s time to stop addressing the problem of violence against women as an emergency or a private matter. Violence affects all of us: it is a cultural, economical and social problem. We are facing a structural phenomenon of our society, whose roots have to be eradicated with a cultural revolution first.

The event of the 26th is the culmination of a journey that different feminist movements started in spring. At a meeting held in Rome on October 8th the need for further discussion about various issues became evident and the decision to take the protest to the streets was made.

As a follow up to the demonstration on November 27th, a national meeting with 8 thematic workshops was organized to discuss a national feminist plan and define the political journey that began with the event. The workshops looked into a range of issues such as: legislative and legal aspects; labour and welfare; affectivity and sexuality education; migrant feminism; sexism in the movements, sexism in the media; right to sexual and reproductive health; routes to escape violence. About one hundred thousand people, including some chayners from Chayn Italy, attended the workshops.

The workshops experience aspires to gather the best practices against violence. It also aims to write a feminist anti-violence plan, in order to revise the Extraordinary Action Plan against sexual and gender-based violence enshrined in the 2013 law against femicide and adopted by the government in 2015.

“Not one less” is a grassroots movement, a self-organized platform. It’s an entirely new path of awareness that encompasses different but united realities in the fight against gender-based violence, whatever form it takes. We’re a tidal wave, made of associations, women’s refuges, queer people, feminist groups and individuals. We are a solid body that advances united by our diversity and determined to change things.

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