Refugee Tech & Women in Online Spaces — Share your Experience with us at RightsCon

RightsCon is coming to Brussels this week, and we’re excited to announce that Chayn will be there sharing our experiences on refugee tech and online harassment.

Though this is our first RightsCon, Access Now, a global organization, has been hosting RightsCon since 2011. First held at the Silicon Valley in 2011, it started one of the biggest movement to build a better Internet for tomorrow.

The event brings together experts in human rights, technology and business to share ideas, exchange strategies on how to keep the Internet open, free and secure for everyone.

At Chayn, we strongly believe the Internet should be accessible to everyone and can be leveraged to fight for a number of worthwhile causes. We do this by looking at women’s rights and fighting patriarchy.

As you know, we have been building numerous projects which highlight this focus. And what better place to discuss these further than one of the world’s largest technology human rights conference?

Our very own Hera Hussain and Dina Ariss are going to be speaking for two sessions each during the sixth edition of the RightsCon being held at Brussels from March 29 to 31.

Dina will take the stage on the afternoon of the second day of the event for the session titled “The Digital is the Political”. She will be joined by Ruth Coustick-Deal and Cynthia Khoo of OpenMedia; Eiri Ohtani of Detention Forum UK; Roya Pakzad of RightsCon; Omar Meksassi, Refugee.Info; and Anna Zobnina, Migrant Woman Network.

In the light of recent events like the Brexit, immigration rights have come under great threat from extreme right political movements, giving rise to xenophobia leading to hate crimes across Europe. This panel discussion will highlight how digital rights groups can help fight these fascist forces and help marginalized groups.

Dina’s next session is titled “Apps for Refugees: Successes and Challenges” scheduled for Friday morning. This session will be moderated by Roya and the panel will also consist of Omar Meksassi, Fran Penfold of International Rescue Committee, Jovan Jelicic of Mercy Corps and Sven Seeberg of Integreat.

This session is focussed on the numerous applications built to help refugees and to study their impact, challenges and success. Dina will focus on inclusive design, gender based violence and challenges faced by women refugees.

For Hera’s first session, she will be joined by Nanjira Sambuli, Bishakha Datta and Japleen Pasricha. Hosted by our friends at Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan, Hija Kamran, will be moderating the session on Friday, titled “Harassment Goes Deadly: The Global North vs Global South.” It focuses on the global discourse for gender based violence and Hera will speak about Chayn’s work and varying trends in these cases.

Hera is also joining a panel discussion on “Access to Rights Online — Digital Gap for Disenfranchised and Marginalized Communities.” This panel will include representatives of some disenfranchised groups of migrant workers, domestic workers and women, who will share how information to rights and freedom of association through digital means is accessed or restricted for different marginalized communities.

You can find the full RightsCon 2017 program here and connect with Hera (@herahussain) and Dina (@dinaariss) on Twitter.

We’ll be back with a blog from Hera and Dina about the things they shared and learned at RightsCon!