Style Guide and Signs

This week we created a Hack Red Hook Style Guide, which sets up the visual identity of our hackathon. Using this guide helps us to visually organize the website, t-shirt designs, program and signs so they all have the same style. Later we designed and laser cut signs to accommodate guests and staff at the event. The laser cutter allows us to make the signs on our own and out of natural materials. As of now we are working on a program schedule to notify guests of the timing and how the weekend will be set up.

Style Guide for Hack Red Hook

Next we’re going to start working on table organizing, getting all the gear for hacking, and prizes. We’ve hooked up with a lot of local businesses that are donating meals and prizes. It was important to us to keep the businesses local because it’s a community-based event and we wanted to get the word out about these businesses. We’re a couple weeks away and we’re feeling anxious, excited, and proud. Signups are starting to roll in, and we can’t wait to get this thing off the ground.

Pioneer Works’ laser cutter
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