Weather Station installed in the garden

In the past couple of months we, the Digital Stewards, have been working on a project using an Arduino to build a temperature reader. In this process we experienced many obstacles and long working hours. One challenge that we came across was trying to make sure the code was right and saved properly. Another problem we faced were disputes between teams members because everyone had a different input and wanted things done accordingly.

The project took 3 months, a lot of hard work, and creativity. As beginners we had to pick up a lot of terms and new technology. For starters, Arduino was a program that we never knew how to use and still having trouble with. But I must stay it’s pretty cool. Towards the middle of this project we all lost our patience and were very hesitant because things weren’t going in the right direction. We would take 5 steps forward and turn around and take 3 steps back. I believe the most difficult part was not having all the materials together at one time. We always had to reorder things. As a team we overcame all those challenges and made this wonderful weather station.

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