Hacking with Purpose

Over the past year, Hack Tennessee has begun receiving recognition from city and state officials as being one of the most influential forces in organizing and growing the technology community in Tennessee. Humbly, we have felt the influence of the event growing too. Following Hack Tennessee 7, it became clear to Avery and I that it was time to use that influence for a higher purpose.

Teachers, Parents and Students from Metro Nashville Public Schools participating at Hack Tennessee 7.

Over the past few months we have combed through dozens of ideas. We recently landed on one that we felt really good about. As we shared it with our friends in government and other community organizers, they too were enthusiastic.

After only two meetings with city officials, our proposal was green-lighted at what seemed to be lightning speed.

Today, Avery and I are announcing Hack Tennessee’s first initiative to give back to the community of Nashville. We couldn’t be more proud of what we envision the Hack Tennessee community accomplishing together this November.

Want more details? Watch the announcement video below.

As described in the video, we are meeting at Leankit on Thursday, June 11th at 5:30 PM. Please join us!