How to Assemble a Sustainable Team

We previously covered How to Attract the Best Collaborators. But is it possible that a fantastically talented team can bomb the delivery of a simple idea inside a hackathon’s time box? Absolutely, it happens all the time.

Among other circumstances, we often see teams fail because they are too big, too technically diverse, never synchronize their schedules or lack a viable plan. Below we offer a simple framework to help improve your odds of selecting a successful team and shipping something awesome.

Jon Staples (@civic_hax) works with his team to set a schedule for the weekend shortly after the opening ceremonies of #HT7.
  1. Choose team members who’s skills are within your technology stack.
  2. Use Pinch to adjust your scope and create an achievable plan.
  3. Ask the team to verbally commit to a common work schedule.
  4. Apply the simplest solution to problems, even if it creates technical debt.
  5. Take a 5-minute walk each hour as a team.
  6. Avoid junk food and drink copious amounts of water.
  7. If your teams isn’t working, the team should be sleeping.

What habits have you seen successful teams adopt consistently?

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