Black Hat Arsenal USA 2017

On June 1, 2017 @toolswatch announced the tools selected for Black Hat Arsenal USA 2017.

Most of the selected tools are already present on GitHub and some are yet to be uploaded. This article contains the links to their respective repositories. The tools are arranged according to their tracks. If you like the tool, go to its repository and click Watch to keep updated on the latest commits and pushes.

Some tools will be updated during/after the Arsenal event. Links to the GitHub repositories of those tools will be eventually updated in this article.

Android, iOS and Mobile Hacking

Code Assessment


Data Forensics and Incident Response

Exploitation and Ethical Hacking


Human Factors

Internet of Things

Malware Defense

Malware Offense

Network Attacks

Network Defense

OSINT — Open Source Intelligence

Reverse Engineering

Vulnerability Assessment

Web AppSec

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