Hillary Clinton and the Rhetoric of Trust
Curtis Dozier

Animi causa (“For kicks”), and to celebrate this series, I can’t resist adding the brilliant Latin epigram some Paideia wags came up with this past summer in Rome. To wit: —

Trumpius exhilarat turbas, Hilarisque triumphat.
 Scylla Charybdis adest. Ei mihi! Quid faciam?

The wordplay suggests Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are basically the same, that they’re mirror images of each other, and that they’re both bad choices. And that Trump is putting an end to Hillary (ex-Hillary). And that Hillary is acting like Trump. And that Hillary’s a — well, you know (scylla means “dog”). And that Trump is an all-devouring loudmouth (Charybdis). Whatever your politics, I hope you’ll agree that it’s an awesome epigram. It’s glorious. And oh, it means:

Trump’s exhilarating crowds and Hillary’s triumphant.
 It’s a dilemma — arrgh! What should I do?