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Apr 27 · 2 min read

Last week Milen Radkov was co-organizing and jurying The Dronathon — supply chain hackathon with drones and blockchain, and also took part in mentoring the teams providing them with technical help and tips.

The hackathon took place for 48 hours straight and was hosted by Networking Premium Coworking.

dronathon hackathon
dronathon hackathon
Dronathon hackathon

The challenge

Milen Radkov announcing and explaining the dronathon hackathon challenge
Milen Radkov announcing and explaining the dronathon hackathon challenge
Milen Radkov announcing and explaining the dronathon hackathon challenge

There was a challenge generator created for this hackathon — it generates drones, packages, charging stations and warehouses on random locations on the Sofia city map.

dronathon challenge generator
dronathon challenge generator
Dronathon challenge generator

Challenge Rules:

  1. Get 100 Packages delivered by 33 Drones to their Final Destinations
  2. There are 7 Distribution Stations and 7 Districts in the Virtual city of Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. All drones start with a full battery
  4. 50 Charging roofs around the city, there are fast and slow charging spots.
  5. There are heavy and light packages with different power/battery drainage rates
  6. There are 2 types of Drones: Fast and Slow

Constraints & Info:

  • Drone:
  • can only carry 1 package at a time
  • should complete the delivery of a taken package
  • can be charged with and without a package
  • can be charged in warehouse
  • can fly for 1 hour with a full battery (100% battery == 60 min flight time)
  • the battery cannot fall below 30%
  • Chargers:
  • Fast charger — can charge 60% battery per hour
  • Slow charger — can charge 30% battery per hour

Additional Resources:

The winners

Only one of all the teams managed to finish the challenge and deliver all the packages on time. Some of the others were pretty close though.

Team Riders on the chain were the winners of the hackathon with their solution.

Riders on the chain — Winners of The Dronathon hackathon


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