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Where Are They Now? Featuring: Flavio Andrade

Flavio Andrade, President of the ALC

At the beginning of our journeys with Hack.Diversity, we wrote blog posts describing who we are, our origins, and what we hope to achieve as fellows, as technologists, and as minorities. Whenever I read the stories of each cohort member, I’m reminded of our ambition, our intelligence, and our determination to positively impact the world. At the time, many of us were approximately 3 years into college careers hoping to one day intern at a tech company. Of course, through Hack.Diversity, we were able to achieve that goal, but it’s been 5 years since Hack’s first cohort. I can’t help but wonder, where are they now? What have they achieved since? What are they planning to do next? Fortunately, we will be answering all those questions in our blog.

Our first guest is Flavio Andrade. In 2018, Flavio wrote his Cohort Story for Hack.Diversity’s Medium blog stating:

“I made it my goal to give my mother and the rest of the family a more financially stable life…Growing up, I never thought that I would be studying computer science…I’m very excited to finally know what it feels like to be working in the technology industry…”

Today, Flavio Andrade serves as the President of the Hack.Diversity Alumni Leadership Council (ALC). He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a degree in Computer Science. Additionally, after working at Wayfair, he landed a position as a full-time Software Engineer at Microsoft. Flavio also maintains his own technical blog, developed with Gatsby.js, about frontend and backend development. Let’s learn more from Flavio about his experiences after his Hack.Diversity fellowship:

Why and how did you get into technology?

Before college, I had an interest in building digital platforms. Since I did not have the skills at the time, I decided to study Computer Science to acquire them.

Why did you join Hack Diversity?

When I first learned about Hack.Diversity, I recognized it as an opportunity to grow professionally and potentially land an internship that will give me the skills and experience I needed for a full-time role after graduation.

What educational or career path did you take after Hack Diversity? Where do you work now? Did you complete more schooling?

After Hack, I went back to school to complete my last two semesters of college. Following graduation, I worked at Wayfair where I had originally interned. I currently work at Microsoft.

What do you appreciate most about your experience in Hack Diversity?

Hack.Diversity opened the doors for me to get the experience I needed to accelerate my career in tech. Thanks to Hack.Diversity I got my first internship at Wayfair. Furthermore, connections to the Hack.Diversity network helped me get my resume to Datto where I landed a Co-Op opportunity for the spring of 2019.

Why did you join the Hack Alumni Leadership Council?

I joined Hack.Alumni Leadership Council to help organize and deliver more opportunities for Hack.Alumni. I’m very excited about the different initiatives we are working on.

What position do you hold on the Alumni Leadership Council?

Currently serving as the President.

What are you most excited to accomplish during your term on the Alumni Leadership Council?

I’m excited to work with the rest of the team to build a solid foundation for future ALC leadership to deliver exciting events and opportunities to Hack.Alumni.

Let’s get to know something fun about you. What’s your favorite dessert and why?

I don’t mind some fudge brownies. They are delicious.



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