Who is the most active in Hackathon Hackers?

By posting content & likes

After my first two blog posts, some people expressed interest in seeing who the top posters in HH. I took a poll for what metrics y’all would be interested in seeing.

Based on that, I calculated some rankings. I focused on 7 metrics:

  • Who gave most likes overall
  • Top content creators
  • HHers who received most likes
  • HHers with highest median likes
  • Top posters (as opposed to commenters)
  • Posters with highest median likes
  • Posters with highest median comments

I chose these metrics because they seemed to cover who are the most active, who are the most liked, and who are a combination of both.

I ran these metrics on all content, then on each group that had at least 1000 pieces of content as to ensure all rankings were showing actual difference in activity. The results show the top 20 members in each category. I limited to that number so it is easily readable to anyone.

Top median likers and comments on posts had to have posted at least 10 times to be considered. This ensures that the poster is somewhat consistently liked and commented on. For the metric of highest median likes and comments, I chose median because the distribution of likes over all content looks like this:

The median is more robust to outliers, and a higher median indicates higher sustained performance. To show this curve in a little bit of a different way, I plotted the axes on a loglog graph.

The line is very linear in the loglog plot. The engagement is expected to be linear in loglog because there are expected to be a lot of comments and posts that get 0–2 likes, and exponentially fewer as the number of posts go up. Its very cool how there is enough content in HH, that even though members have been commenting and posting fairly independently from each other with independent thoughts and likes, in the aggregate, we look as expected.

Comments on posts on the other hand, look like this:

Or, graphed on a loglog scale:

This is interesting because it isn’t showing a linear relationship between number of comments on a post vs number of posts with that many comments in loglog the way likes did. This shows that, in aggregate, the posts over all HH affiliated groups are interesting enough to get some discussion on most of the posts. Ideally the mode of comments on posts should be not equal to zero like it is right now. But, this is a good start, and I’m sure that it will only get better as HH + subgroups become more and more engaged.

All of the subgroups analyzed are public groups associated with HH. Ladies Storm Hackathons is not officially associated with HH, but was included in the analysis because several of the top posters in the hackathon community primarily post in LSH. I wanted to make sure they were credited as top posters as well.


It may come to no one’s surprise that the top 2 median liked people over all HH and subgroups are Sam Altman and Alexis Ohanian respectively. As for the rest of the results, they are in HH’s Data GitHub repo. Check if you’re on the list :)

The two most popular metrics voted on in the poll were # of comments on posts and received likes. Here are the results for all content over all groups:

Top 10 median # of comments on posts over all data

Note, the list is longer than 10 people because there was a tie for 9th place with 14 median comments.

Top 10 # of received likes over all data

What results did you find most interesting?

Full list of results

PS. Sorry for not including the top # of #humblebrags in this analysis. We haven’t developed the technology for that yet ;).

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