More Advice for First Time Hackers

1. Create a GitHub account

Dec 27, 2017 · 1 min read

GitHub is a way for teams to collaborate on code together. It also comes in handy because it has version control, just in case you need to restore or reference a previous version of your code. The following article is also helpful in getting familiar with how it works: You can access GitHub via a browser, a terminal, or a desktop client.

If your team ends up using GitHub and you are not familiar with using a terminal, the desktop client is a great way to get started. Here is the link to do so:

If you want to get familiar with how to access it from the terminal, the following cheatsheet may be of use: Otherwise, just creating an account will get you ahead of the curve and ready to collaborate!

It’s a good idea to bring a couple copies of your resume if you are looking for a position. Sponsors are potentially looking for interns, co-ops, and even full-time employees. Even if you are not set on looking for a position, it might be a good idea to have a copy just in case you hear about something you are interested in. You can also always grab business cards to contact employers in the future!


An independently-run Boston hackathon for curious students…

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