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Attendees from Hack Pennsylvania, a Hack Club Bank event, co-founded by Joy Liu.

Hack Club Bank is now live for everyone, you included.

Hack Club Bank: A Bank For Student Hackers

Prototype → Hack Club Bank 1.0

Go to https://hackclub.com/bank/ to learn more, sign up, and get started today.

Photo from Hack the Fog by Paul Kuroda for the SF Chronicle.

“Hack Club Bank has changed how I organize hackathons. Rather than having to email someone just to check my account balance, Hack Club Bank is beautifully designed, elegant, extremely powerful, and, without exaggeration, saved Hack the Fog.

Hack Club Bank is always the first thing I recommend to other hackathon organizers. Me when I see someone not use Hack Club Bank.

Yev Barkalov, Founder of Hack the Fog and senior at Lowell High School

The SLO Hacks team. Photo by Janet Fang.

Fiscal sponsorship is often times difficult and confusing, but when signing on with Hack Club Bank for SLO Hacks, I was blown away by the beautiful design, ease of use, and the wide range of useful features needed for a smooth experience.

Hack Club always made sure that our concerns, feedback, and questions were addressed as quickly as possible, giving us confidence that our money was in the best hands.”

Selynna Sun, Founder of SLO Hacks and junior at Cal Poly SLO

From Los Altos Hacks III. Photo by Janet Fang.

“Hack Club Bank has made it incredibly easy to handle Los Altos Hacks’ funds and has provided countless tools to increase our productivity. Their partnership with Emburse makes it incredibly easy to spend our funds on-the-go, and Bank’s integration with G Suite is a lifesaver for contacting sponsors.

With Bank, we don’t need to dedicate nearly as much time to legal or finance, leaving plenty of time to focus on making our event the best it can be. We’re huge advocates.”

Jamsheed Mistri, Director of Los Altos Hacks and senior at Los Altos High School

Attendees at MAHacks.

“Hack Club Bank removed the barriers to getting started raising money for MAHacks. In mere days, as opposed to months of nonprofit paperwork, my team was able to contact and invoice sponsors professionally and manage our finances on a clear, up-to-date dashboard.

I highly recommend using Hack Club Bank and joining the Hack Club community.”

Kat Huang, Director of MAHacks and senior at Lowell High School in Massachusetts

Hack Pennsylvania’s closing ceremony. Over 100 attendees came in the middle of the blizzard.

The world's largest network of high school CS clubs.

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