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Zombie Sheep

The Short Story: It’s okay.

Zombie Sheep is a card game in which each player represents a specialized group, each with specific reasons for trying to capture Zombie Sheep. The player’s goal is to catch these unique specimens before the other players do. Art includes parody/homage elements of favorite undead-related characters.

BoardGameGeek Rating: 7.1
MSRP: $20.00
Players: 2–4
Ages: 8+
Playtime: 15–30 Min
Publishers: Casual Dragon Games
Designers: Jason Gough
Year: 2015


Players use numeric capture cards of various types to target sheep with the goal of gaining victory points. The first player to five victory points wins the game. Players can use remove or use special cards to change the outcome of the game.


The cards are a decent quality. The print quality seems equally as nice — no fading or scratches, that I noticed while playing.


The artwork reminds me of something you’d see outside of pet cemetery. Creepy little sheep returned from the dead.


The game is not difficult to learn. It can be taught in under 10 minutes.



Our Reviews

My rating: 6
by Aaron Klaser

So… this game is just basically Smash Up… but simpler, which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I think it could be more fun to play then Smash Up. But, unfortunately the game ends too quickly to even be slightly strategic. It leaves you siting there holding cards thinking — Is this it? It’s almost like they only made 85% of the game and then decided to shipped it.

Also, this — like a lot of indie games we see — has TERRIBLE rule explanations. Come on people! Treat us like dumb dumbs and be overly descriptive! Sorry, this is a rant for a different day. But, all complaints aside, it’s not that bad of a game. It’s actually a great game to hack the rules. Make it a bit longer, a it bit more strategic. The art is fun and Smash Up seems to be popular, so the mechanics are solid.

If you like playing lose with the rules and are a fan of Smash Up, this game is definitely for you.

My rating: 5.9
by Beth Klaser

I find the theme of Zombie Sheep to be interesting. Sometimes I wonder what the designers were thinking when they come up with a concept. This definitely falls into that category. Zombies and Sheep? Or sheep that are zombies. I find Zombie Sheep to be very similar to Smash Up. However, there are less decks, cards, and mandatory reading to play.

Each player chooses a “type”. The four types are; Zombie Fanatics (black), Sheep Herders (green), Animal Lovers (red), and Mad Scientist (blue). Each player starts with a hand of five cards. The “king” sheep card is placed in the center of the players and the game can begin. Players go back and forth using the “type” cards to defeat the sheep in front of them. The winner — is the first player to five victory points in sheep.

We generally play games — just the two of us. Zombie Sheep was no different. I noted that the game really didn’t take up that much space on the table — meaning it may be a good candidate to toss in a bag and take the play at a resturant. Any more than two players and I’d say that gets iffy. While I’m unsure if I would suggest Zombie Sheep to everyone …. I would definitely recommend it for the Smash Up fans.

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