We’ve moved! Sort of!

Echidna already seems happy here.

Things continue to chug along on the construction front, but this week we made a big step forward, if not the one we had expected. While we await the completion of the renovations on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the new Hacker Studios, the more minor cosmetic renovations on the 1st floor are finished.

We’re not yet licensed to operate as a public eating establishment, but in the meantime, we can operate as a members-only coworking space. So we’re going to do that!

Starting Monday, October 19th, our members will be coworking on the ground floor of 252 Dundas Street. If you are a member, come enjoy all the usual benefits of membership, now with an expansive street view.

If you’re not a member, you can come peer longingly through the glass at us. Oh, or you can get a membership — we’re even temporarily bringing back daily memberships at just $5/day.

What else is going on?

This week, London’s new UX Book Club, organized by Jonathan from ResIM, helped us warm the place up with their inaugural meeting. With that under our belts, we’re officially ready to host more community events in the space, so e-mail theteam@hackerstudios.com if you’re looking for a place to do something cool!

Next month, we’re hosting (and co-organizing with some other great entrepreneurs) our first big huge event in the new building: a Startup Weekend that we hope will be a real community event. If you’ve got an idea, come pitch it. If you’ve got skills, come lend them. If you’ve got Sunday evening free, come see what people created all weekend.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to vote on Monday before you come check out our new digs!

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