Expanding Hackerati Academy

The Hackerati recently launched its first seminar — An Agile Approach to Big Data — through its blossoming Academy. Hackerati Academy has been an idea since our inception and we’re incredibly excited to be expanding the offering. We’ve run several pilot courses in areas like Android, Javascript, and Scala at Cooper Union, NYU Poly, and NYIT. We’ve also used Hackerati Academy as a means of growing our internal capabilities by having periodic Academy sessions during team lunch on Fridays. And now, with the introduction of this seminar, we’re excited to broaden the Academy’s scope and exposure.

An Agile Approach to Big Data debuted on Monday, March 2nd at Turn To Tech. Our goal was to introduce software engineers comfortable in Python and databases to Big Data practices and Agile software development. With support from Amazon Web Services — who offered a $50 AWS credit to all attendees — and BigML, The Hackerati had a blast providing this high-level perspective on practical techniques to talented software engineers.

Hackerati cofounder Rob Marano kicked off the seminar, while Python/Big Data engineers Ethan Lusterman and Derek Toub walked the group through the details. After a lecture overview, these three Hackerati engineers — as well as one from Amazon — gave hands-on advice during a breakout session. We know that the best way to learn is to dive headfirst into problems, so this is the way we teach.

More To Come!

We’re hosting this event again on Tuesday, March 31st for Cooper Union’s electrical engineering students, and plan to bring it elsewhere in the coming months. We’re also in the process of putting together seminars on some other topics. Keep an ear out for future events if you want to pick up some new skills with Hackerati Academy!

And, as always — in work, education, and play — be fearless!

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