NYC Tech Talks with The Hackerati

We hosted our first Startup Office Hours meetup almost two years ago as a means of supporting New York’s vast entrepreneurial community with insights into what it takes to build a successful startup. Our presenters included startup founders in areas like real estate, edtech, social media, brain/bio hacking, software consulting [guess who…] — and even tech veterans like John Pavley, current CTO of Viacom.

We’ve had a blast hosting these events, but with time comes change, and we at The Hackerati have decided to use this event to start digging deeper into the tech side of things. Starting in September or October [still working out the details], we’ll be kicking off a new series: NYC Tech Talks with The Hackerati.

Our goal for these NYC Tech Talks is to share the in-depth insights we’ve gained from engineering successful technologies across various industries. We expect to focus on topics including Web/Mobile, Big Data/Analytics/Visualization, Machine Learning, and Distributed [Cloud] Computing with presenters from The Hackerati and other leading NYC Tech companies.

We’ll be kicking things off with a presentation by Rob Marano, Cofounder of The Hackerati. He’s planning to show us how to leverage new AWS
components and Spark to analyze clickstream data for online advertising.

More details to come!

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