HACKERGAL BADGES: How to catch them all!

Each and every Hackergal has unlimited potential in coding. Badges are how we recognize the skills attained by our special Hackergals. Through Hackergal, you can collect badges for your accomplishments. There are 2 types of badges you can earn: skill badges and team badges. At the end of the Hackathon you can collect badges to stick on your Hackergal Certificate and show all your friends and family!

What badges do you think are extra special? Read below to see which badges you can earn and how to earn them.


Team badges are awarded to your team after the Hackathon. The judges (could be your teachers or senior CS students) will play your game and award badges to teams that do really well in each category! There are 3 team badges your team can work towards.

Meet with your team to discuss what special badge you want to earn together. Read our tips on how to work extra hard so you’re all ready on Hackathon day!

How does your game play?

On Hackathon day you will have the opportunity to create your own game. Game play is how players, like you, interact with the game. Think about the games you like to play and use them as inspiration when designing your game.

How is your design special?

Are you using interesting colours? Is there a special theme? Earners of the Design badge focus on the visual design of their games. Try an interesting background or a different Sprint.

How unique is your code?

Does your sprint do something special that others sprints don’t? Earners of the Coding badge are expert coders. Explore different commands at home and bring something differenon Hackathon day.


At the end of the Hackergal Hackathon, every Hackergal will choose a skill badge that best represents their coding journey. The badge should be chosen based on the skill that you think you did the best on throughout the Hackathon.

Check out the badges and our tips below on how to work extra hard to decorate your certificate with these special badges!

Calling all all-star leaders!

The Leadership badge is for the girls that exemplified exceptional leadership skills during the Hackathon. To be a great leader: listen to your team, provide guidance, and build a vision for your game with the support of your team.

Together we can do so much!

The Teamwork badge is for amazing team work. Awesome team work means: listening to each other, encouraging each other, making awesome suggestions and equally sharing responsibilities.

How is your code?

The Coding badge is for girls who developed expert coding skills with Hackergal. Do you go above and beyond in your projects and pay attention to every detail? Practice in the Sandbox area to refine your coding skills and become an all-star coder.

Stand out with your creativity!

The Creativity badge is for girls who are super creative! Did you use special colours? Are you adding music and sounds? Is your sprint unique? What is the interesting story behind your game? Focus on the design of your game and help your team make a unique designed game.

Does a specific badge look extra special to you? Comment which one you want to earn and what YOU are going to do to catch them all!

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