Welcoming a new wave of femtech

Hackergal Hackathon 2016

We could not think of a better day to introduce the Hackergal blog than International Women’s Day. Just last week, International Women’s day commemorated the movement for women’s rights. In our space, female technology leaders extended their expertise to the younger generations. The femtech community was filled with energy, enthusiasm and determination.

We created the Hackergal blog to create just that: energy, enthusiasm and determination to inspire a new wave of female coders. On the Hackergal blog we will share content curated for educators, femtech leaders and our very own Hackergals! Topics will include: Hackergal updates, coding pointers, words from tech leaders and teaching tips for success.

Our team spent the week of International Women’s Day at two main events in Toronto: Seal the Deal Women Entrepreneurs & VC’s by Startup Toronto and a brainstorming workshop with the Quantius Education Foundation.

Seal the Deal, featured a panel of female entrepreneurs and VC’s who shared their insights on funding and building business as a female founder. The panelists were: Caitlin MacGregor, CEO of Plum.io; Janet Bannister, partner at Real Ventures; Lally Rementilla, CFO at Quantius and co-founder The Gals Got Game; Julie Cole, co-founder Mabel’s Labels; Olivia Simmons, CEO Conference Cloud and Jenn Koss Lee, co-founder Brika.

It was amazing to see such a diverse set of ladies come together. We highly recommend that you explore Meetup.com, this site offers groups for every type of community across different regions. The groups organize monthly events that help empower, educate and network members.

The Quantius Education Foundation workshop brought together an amazing group of accomplished women to brainstorm various vehicles on tackling the burning question of how to get more girls into STEM. We cannot wait to see what the Quantius Education Foundation comes up with. Be sure to stay tuned on their twitter.

International Women’s Day was a great reminder of the strong community of individuals working towards gender equality in technology. Hackergal is committed to the cause and we excited to share our plan of attack for 2017. Stay Tuned!

If you want to get involved with Hackergal, connect with us at: hello.hackergal@gmail.com

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