Rohit Sharma
Dec 31, 2016 · 3 min read

I learned to give not because I have a lot, but I know how it feels to have nothing.

We all know it’s survival of the fittest here, as per the Darwin’s theory. And that actually taught us to take care of ourselves,ONLY.

In due course it took a shape of being selfish and we forgot people, their emotions and our values.

Everyone ranging from an insect to an animal, to a plant to an ecosystem is fighting for their existence. But being selfless is something many people can’t possess.

Don’t ask for something from me that you would not.

The above phrase is very beautiful and explains selflessness to the highest possible level.

I am writing about being selfless, but selfless should also be motiveless.

Don’t worry, Let me explain

We are generally very selfish and if somebody thinks to be selfless he actually end up growing expectations.

Say you got some chocolates from your mom. You divided it among all your mates.

This is being selfless and a beautiful gesture of sharing is what you just showed.

But mostly people grow expectations from other, like when the other one will get chocolates from her mom she will share it with you.

Is it necessary?

I do not think so, as that gesture was your personality not others.
You shared something that’s so nice of you but that may not be the gesture of the other people.

So being selfless must also be selfless.

I hope I made a beautiful and a very strong point here.

Now comes issues with being selfish. In my opinion everything is associated with this property.

  • A politician is corrupt because he is selfish(not thinking about his country men).
  • A thief is a thief because he is selfish and trying to survive in the world.
  • We try to preserve whatever we have because we are selfish.

A hundred thousand dollars may be a saving for me, but for some it is actually a food and shelter for his complete family.

Being selfless takes a lot and being unknown is the best.

Wait?? What’s this??

Well this is the next stage.

You give something out of being selfless but you should never remind your favor to them. If you remind others about your favors that’s like a promotion for yourself.
And mind it you are again selfish for your credit.

There’s a very thin line between being selfless and being selfish. You have to identify that line and your selflessness will flourish your life ahead.

Why should I be selfless?

  • You don’t need a reason to help people.
  • The happiness you can give to someone is the best gift you can give to yourself.
  • When you start giving, you get more than you ever wanted.

Let me rephrase it better

When you start giving to people, God registers your name as a supplier in his account and he starts giving you more.

You give to people and your soul give it to you.

And moreover what can be a better gift than your eternal bliss.

Materialistic gifts will decay one day but the internal bliss will enlighten you and your surroundings.

How to be selfless?

Well it is a difficult one. To change your behavior which lasted for so many years is a tough job.

Let me make it easy for you
Whenever you do anything, just think for a second.

Is my decision bad/not favorable for anyone?

Like you decided to plant a garden in your backyard. Just think once will it affect the playground of kids who are playing there for years.

This one habit of yours will change your perspective to life and you know what it will bring a lot of happiness to you and society.

Action items

  • Only one, just think before you take any action.
    This will change your entire life and lifestyle, trust me.

Moral of the story is — why just think about yourself when the whole world is yours.

Rohit Sharma

Written by

Peaceful soul | SDE2 @Amazon | Ex Lead @Naukri | Car& Gadget Enthusiast | Writer @ Medium | Bollywood Vocalist and love all kind of sports.

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