Story 2 : Disability is in the mind, not body.

Rohit Sharma
Sep 4 · 2 min read

It was a sunny dry day, Chintan and his friends were playing cricket.


Chintan was a very good leg-spin bowler and was famous in his city. He was the first choice for any team when there was an Inter School competition.

One day, Chintan and his team were playing the finals of the Inter-School Cricket championship. His team was falling behind as the opposite team needed just 26 runs in 20 balls with 4 wickets in hand.

Chintan was handed over the ball and with the late overs leg-spin ability, he took a hat trick. The batting team was now 22 runs short.

In the very first ball of the next over, he attempted an impossible catch at the point. And guess what! His team won by 21 runs.

By chance, there was a former Indian player in the stands. He found Chintan very talented and proposed his name in the state team for Ranji trophy.

Chintan was very happy and couldn’t get a hold on this news.

Next day early at 5 while he was sleeping, some of his friends came to congratulate him and take him for the day’s practice.

To their surprise, Chintan was not getting up. They got him out of the bed playfully and then everyone got silenced.

They couldn’t believe what they saw.

Chintan did not have one leg. And then they saw a prosthetic leg lying beside his bed.

Chintan was a good bowler and a great fielder.

What made him do that, what was the source of commitment.

His own self was the only source behind this great sportsman.

Had he told about his disability, he would have never been able to play such wonderful cricket. Playing is a hard affair, he would have never thought of walking without support.

All thanks to his family who never let him feel his disability because his Army retired dad knew that disability doesn’t exist unless you get it in your mind.

Support these people with your love, not sympathy.

Love is rare, sympathy is everywhere!

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Rohit Sharma

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Better World

Let's make the world a better place for everyone. Life lessons, productivity, self improvement and more.

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